While the frenzy team? They ran out of more than 200 meters when Wang Tianping motioned for a sudden acceleration. Although there was a sad straight line, the speed of this burden was not the usual limit, but it was much faster than the average composite team.
While running, Wang Tianping commanded the rhythm of the sad linear propeller. At the same time, he also asked bring up the rear, who was running at the back, to use the camera on the back of the mecha to hand over the movements of Monty and the gods to everyone’s screen at any time.
Seeing each other first accelerated, and then all the patrolmen were sent. Wang Tianping smiled, which was similar to his imagination. If they were a little more adventurous, they could actually send their pursuers to fight behind them.
Wang Tianping looked at the terrain. There was a corner in front of him. He immediately took the team there, while the people who followed him lost their goal at this moment and quickly accelerated to cross the corner.
However, when they rushed over, they found that they could not find the frenzy team. After a while of consternation, the pursuit troops quickly reported the situation here to their respective captains. The king of Monty and the king of God Odin were very depressed after receiving the communication.
What should we do now? The more conservative Monty King ordered the troops chasing the patrol to stand by and wait for the big troops to meet before discussing countermeasures, while the more active God King Odin ordered the patrol ahead to go ahead and search ahead to see if they could find the trail of the frenzy team and see if there were any valuable key points.
Just now, the two patrolmen who were in the same regiment were divided into two parts. One part stayed in the same place, and the other part passed the corner and continued to move forward. After the corner, it was a complicated area, like barracks and garages, but it was divided into small areas by many roads. The number of people in the frenzied squad could just turn a few corners and get rid of the pursuers.
The troops chasing the patrol slowed down and looked around the passage trying to find the frenzy team. At this moment, they suddenly saw that several pursuers who had just lined up at the back of the frenzy team formation disappeared from another corner.
Found the frenzy team, it must be there in front of the pursuer. It must be the frenzy team. The other mecha patrolmen were excited and quickly told the news to the big troops behind. The team shared the map, marked the route, and then chased in the direction where the pursuer disappeared.
The patrolman soon came to the corner where the pursuers disappeared, but the frenzy team over there seemed to have passed another corner. This time they saw the last two pursuers. The patrolman was more convinced that the frenzy team must have found something before trying to get rid of the pursuer department.
After marking the route again, the patrolman moved on and came to the corner where two pursuers disappeared. They saw the scene that the frenzy team disappeared again. This time, they saw the last pursuer.
The frenzy team is accelerating! This is the first time they have seen it, and they can still see three. Now they can see one. The whole team with guardians and arbitrators is even faster than the pure patrol to form a pursuer. This means that the frenzy team has almost reached its destination.
Several patrolmen thought of this and started the propeller at the same time, and they could no longer consider the problems of propeller rhythm and fever. They rushed across the corner at the fastest speed and did not slow down at the corner, and then rushed out for a long distance.
There presented in front of their eyes is … Crazy small body mecha? No! No! There’s not a mecha in the frenzy squad! Even the pursuers they just saw were not as numerous as the enemies at the entrance of the base just now!
Not far from them, Wang Tianping, behind the corner of another building, controls the mecha to stretch out a handy camera to observe the situation here.
It was only after seeing the patrolman belonging to the team chasing the gods that half of the enemy’s powerful defensive heavy weapons were directly blown up in an instant, and the remaining half also escaped from the fire range, and the base was seriously injured before losing its combat capability that it was satisfied to recover its arms.
Behind him, the frenzied squad lined up in a row except nonsense, including thunderbolt fire and blackness. At this time, from another intersection, Hu said that the pursuers also quickly came running to meet with everyone.
The effect is good. Although a patrol was killed, there is no threat to the frenzy squad. Wang Tianping smiled insidiously. As soon as the patrol of the gods disappeared around the corner, there were three stalkers at the root of the frenzy squad.
Moreover, after every corner, one will break away and then come back here from another road. Finally, the fastest pursuer will induce competitors to the enemy’s fire coverage area. This is the strategy formulated by Wang Tianping after observing the terrain in this area.
Chapter 14 Half-mutilated gods squad
At the other end, after the Monty Guild closed everyone, it was still looking inside and discussing countermeasures, while the gods were still laughing at Monty’s cowardice because they had rushed out a distance according to the route sent back by the patrolman.
Just then, they didn’t close the squad channel, and suddenly there was a noisy sound. Then they saw that the squad had shared the radar, which represented that the blue light spot of the patrolman chasing the troops was less than half in an instant.
What’s the matter? Is it that the frenzy team directly attacked? Odin, the king of God, was a little surprised to accept the same team as competitors in this situation. Although they all wanted other teams to be destroyed, sometimes they still had to keep a little face.
Unless there is a particularly serious conflict or there is a lot of contradiction before, the two sides face each other and fight. In general, everyone can contain and hinder each other, just like Wang Tianping did just now, through some small strategic pits, other teams can talk about everything, but they can’t take the initiative to attack.
Because of one or two active attacks, some achievements may be made in the early stage of the game, but the reputation will be ruined. If you want to finish the reputation with other teams in the game, the result will be that you will become a target in the middle and late stage, and every team with him will attack first, which will not be worth the loss.
The frenzy team took the initiative to attack Is Wang Tianping so stupid? Or is it true that a professional player doesn’t know the rules? Odin, the king of God, thought a lot at the moment, but it would be much easier if the frenzy team beat him to the head.
For the time being, it may be that the gods’ squad has suffered a lot, and this time the law will be completely annihilated. However, when they go back, they can publicize this matter in the victim’s position and reduce the frenzy squad and Wang Tianping.
Will anyone believe that it’s easy to do with evidence? The video system in the game is still very real. If the frenzy team destroys them, how can it let Monty go? At this time, Monty will definitely reach a consensus with the gods temporarily.
In a flash, Odin, the king of God, will even post the title of the forum post and roughly think about it: "The first person, Wang Tianping, bullies others!" "having the first name is the first person!" Class can definitely attract enough attention.
When he received the communication from the chasing troops, Odin, the king of God, asked the first sentence not how the casualties were, but whether he had recorded the video of the frenzied squad launching a frontal attack.
But soon he was disappointed and completely disappointed. The news from the patrolman was that they were induced to an enemy stronghold. Because they were following them, they did not make the active scanning consciousness, and half of them were hung up by the enemy fire, and the other half were seriously injured and lost their combat effectiveness. The frenzied squad disappeared and was pitted.
Hearing the news, all the gods were silent. It was NPC that launched the attack, not the frenzy team. Even if the frenzy team was intentionally induced, they could not make irresponsible remarks about the frenzy team. It was their own fault. After issuing the instruction to let the remaining patrolmen return to the big army, Odin, the king of God, was lost in thought.
This time, they were planted, and the pursuers were seriously injured, and the patrol was half wounded and half dead. Although the fighting capacity of the team was less than half, the golden combination was left in the end, but it was difficult for the golden combination to prepare for the heavy weapon defense position for a long time.
So what should I do? Just quit? Odin, the king of God, can’t swallow this tone. I think it’s hard for teammates in the team to accept such a timid choice. Even if they die, they will create a lot of trouble for the frenzy team and the monty team.
I made up my mind that Odin, the king of God, led the team forward cautiously, and the monty team followed slowly. Although they couldn’t hear the dialogue of the gods’ team channel, they were able to guess what happened to the incomplete patrolman. It seems that the gods have suffered from the frenzy again and Wang Tianping is really not easy to handle.
On the other side, the frenzy squad has pulled out this new enemy stronghold, which is different from the previous one because there is not much profit in the narrow terrain at the door. However, Wang Tianping easily solved the problem by bypassing the mecha street fighting tutorial before and after.
The frenzy team quickly passed through this area, but the monty behind them couldn’t do it. Although there was no red spot on the radar, they could move forward step by step and scan the road actively at the same time. At the same time, we should pay attention to whether the frenzy team would give them a yin at this time.