I was rude and immediately scolded the past, "Have you, uncle!"
"Ha, ha, come on, you do your job, and I’ll upgrade."
Say that finish war god hung up the phone.
I stopped for a moment and then stepped forward.
Late maple grove!
Chapter ninety-three Black Bear King
The layers of colorful leaves in the late maple forest are the most beautiful at dusk, but it is unfortunate at present, but it is just in time to catch up with the rising sun, which also dyed the maple forest red.
If the leaves are falling on the ground, this place is definitely not suitable, but if there are many people, it will have no impact as it is now.
And I can swagger along.
After a short walk, the people in front stopped to press the ladder, and the heavy armor class was ready for the battle.
I walked to the side of the crowd before stepping, far away from Guanyin, a few people with tears. Their rank is not low, and it is difficult for them to find them if they are too close.
I just walked a few steps and listened to a growl. It seems that the boss has discovered this group of people with ulterior motives.
After the first few steps, there is a gentle slope, on which is the boss’s residence.
I saw three big scarlet letters floating on the head of the black bear king.
[Black Bear King] At this time, the black bear king landed on all fours, growled with his mouth open, and glared at this group of enemies who invaded his territory. He had already squared up.
Although I really want to know the properties of this boss, I dare not make identification now. Even if I can enter the stealth state in two seconds, I dare not despise Guanyin with tears.
Two seconds is enough time for you to find someone else hiding around you.
"Brothers! Don’t be afraid that we Tangmen will never mistreat everyone who contributes to Tangmen! " Guanyin has tears and impassioned published this along the river.
In fact, this means that brothers go to hell! I’ll settle you down
Look at the bottom. Those people are inspired by the story that Guanyin has tears.
"The money! Beautiful woman! Brothers, go! Kill this dog day! " Take the lead in shouting and rushing at the same time with a gun.
A muffled sound, the leading knight has been shot away, and now he has turned into a wisp of supercilious eyes and finished it early.
The others did not flinch and soon surrounded the black bear king, while the weapons in their hands were raging in the black bear king.
The mage must have raised his staff in the attack distance range.
Ice and fire fell from the sky and fell on the top of the black bear king’s head. The black bear king kept giving out misery and calling out numbers ranging from 1 to 2 on his head.
There are a lot of figures.
"nnd didn’t do much harm, and it’s so miserable to call a ball all the time." I can’t help but despise this black bear king.
The black bear king became violent gradually, and his body kept turning around in the circle of people, trying to find a gap and shoot those who had been able to beat him.
But nai it turned for a long time and didn’t turn out. It just rampaged and waved its claws at those people beside it.
"ah! The bear lying in the trough is crazy! "
I don’t know who shouted such a sentence in the crowd. After seeing Wang Meng, a black bear, rushing forward and slapping a person, it turned out to be up.
Pull over a person and lift it over his head easily. Pull it to both sides and divide the body.
People around him are not afraid, but they are still tightly surrounding the bear king and constantly stabbing the bear king’s body.
Nai’s strength is not strong enough, and the weapon is not sharp enough, so that no one can pierce the bear’s skin and cause little damage.
But the family was crowded for only two or three minutes, and the black bear king lost half of his blood.
If you look at those people around Xiong Wang again, there will be about half left.
I can’t stand the siege. Listen to the rainstorm pear flower shouting, "Come back and stay in front of the mage and go to the top one by one!"
Crowd tactics
After listening to them, they all fell back and ran slowly and were directly pulled by the black bear king.
"Did your people get rid of it one by one?" Looking at their progress, in a few minutes, almost all these people will be dead, and there will be Guanyin and his tears.
At this time, some of them don’t look good either. Imagine that they can resist this black bear king.
If you are arrested and torn apart, then don’t want to get second place.
"The mage! Don’t be together! " Guanyin was in tears and ordered the wizards to move. At this time, the Nangong also gave me a message back.
"get it! Hey hey, I’ll go now. "
"Don’t come after five minutes."
The Nangong stopped talking one by one and hurried on. When we left, she was close to many places. It should be no problem to get here in five minutes.
Suddenly I remembered another question and said to Nangong one by one, "Walk around the point and don’t be found."
As a result, Nangong didn’t listen to me one by one. I said, "If you rush out later, you will rob it. Now you still have to worry about so many things!"
"Nima …"
However, after thinking about it, she said that it was right to go around here and encounter something. When people kill boss, she hasn’t arrived yet. Isn’t that a loss?
"How did you know that they found this boss?" I asked the Nangong Yiyi Road.
The Nangong asked doubtfully, "Is this … hard to say?"
As soon as I heard it, I didn’t like it. I immediately said, "Which one of us has something to say with whom? Go ahead."
"I found that the result was cut off by their successors, so I didn’t want to rob this boss," said the Nangong with a sigh.
"When did you have such a staff?"
"Informants generally cannot be exposed to others!" The nangongshan naughty one by one said
Finally, the teacher is not famous. Let’s kill this group of people even if we come for revenge and don’t rob the boss!
"Didn’t your informant give you your name?"
No, it’s okay. One by one, the Nangong took it out in their nostrils and said, "If you don’t report it, you can walk away safely, and my name will be sent back to the city."
It seems that Guanyin has no affection for the Nangong since the second time, but has treated her as an enemy.