In recent years, every family in the village has built a building, whether it is their house or a tile house. It is said that his father is a teacher and his grandfather is a village doctor. The family conditions are good. Actually, they know that a middle school physical education teacher has two thousand yuan a month, and his salary is not as good as that of other main course teachers, and he can earn some extra money. Although his grandfather is a village doctor who can see some headaches and brain fever, an old man came to hang water and had a heart attack the year before last, and his family members were stuck at home for several days. As a result, he lost 100 thousand yuan to settle the matter, and
On the afternoon of June 6th, the school chartered a bus to take the students to the county seat to take the college entrance examination. Two students took a hotel bag. Wang Feipeng was the first time to stay in a hotel, but he felt fresh about everything, but he still suppressed the novelty and took out excerpts from the important and difficult points to prepare for the college entrance examination.
Roommates leaned against the bed and looked at Wang Feipeng and couldn’t help but ridicule. "Are you still reviewing?" At this time, you should relax. Can you take the test? Now it has been finalized and will not change because you watch it for a few more hours. "
"Ha ha, I’m fine, too. I’m just hanging around and looking at the information. I’m more confident."
It’s late to think that I’m going to take the college entrance examination for so many years for 12 years! What needs to pay the most beautiful time of 12 years? My heart is full of emotion and thoughts …
Suddenly, the exam is coming in my heart. Why do you think so much? Wang Feipeng took a deep breath to get rid of distractions, and the abdomen slowly exhaled and walked at will, slowly entering the brain through the tail, the spine and the jade pillow, and then entering the abdomen through the veins in the abdomen and the magpie bridge to complete a cycle. After several cycles, he slowly felt a faint warm current flowing in the center of the earth. After half an hour, he got rid of his thoughts and went to sleep. The students were still watching for a while and saw Wang Feipeng sleeping with lights, but he couldn’t sleep for a long time ~
The next morning, Wang Feipeng and his classmates took the school bus to the entrance of the examination room. Many parents stayed at the door to send their children into the examination room. "Relax and take the exam. I will wait for you at the door!" "Have a good exam. When you finish the exam, dad will pick you up and cook for you at noon!" Parents are persuasive and eager to teach, and they are full of expectations.
Wang Feipeng walked into the school with his classmates. They didn’t have any parents to send them. According to yesterday’s unified distribution, they quickly walked into the examination room, surrounded by unfamiliar candidates. The students in the same school and the same class were all bifurcated. After so many years of hard work, the candidates seemed a little nervous. Wang Feipeng carefully checked the examination admission ticket, ID card, pen, eraser, ruler, compass and other things. They were neatly packed together in a thick plastic self-sealed bag.
The first course of the college entrance examination is Chinese at 9 o’clock in the afternoon, and the examination room is silent with the sound of "brushing" ~
Chapter IV Xiao Zhoutian Gong
On the second day of the college entrance examination, Wang Feipeng came to the school to evaluate the results of the college entrance examination. The class owner personally corrected the results. 621 was ranked third in the class, and Liu Hongmei ranked first with 642 points!
This time, 172 students in the school took the exam, with 6 points and 21 students in Grade 3 (2), accounting for 5 students. Although this is an evaluation score, from the past experience, it is close to ten, but it is linked to the year-end reward, which makes the class leader Qin smile from ear to ear.
At noon, Mr. Qin, the class leader, paid for the top ten students’ meals, and praised Wang Feipeng as the biggest dark horse in the school in recent years.
In the afternoon, Wang Feipeng ran home from school and climbed several hills. It took more than an hour. It turned out that senior one and senior two had to run back and forth every day. When they were in senior three, they didn’t run for a year. When they got home, they were sweating all over.
Gongsun Yalong grabbed his hand. "Don’t catch cold in a medicated bath later!" When I came to the kitchen in the side room, my grandfather picked up a big bag of herbs and put it in a cauldron and filled it with water. Wang Feipeng added materials to the cooker, and soon the water was filled. The whole room smelled of herbs. Wang Feipeng collected the fire and simmered for 1 hour. After that, he scooped the medicine juice into a big barrel and added a proper amount of cold water. Wang Feipeng climbed into the barrel and groaned comfortably.
Wang Feipeng has been tormented by his grandfather since he was a child. Every time he takes a bath, he cooks a lot of Chinese herbal medicines. It is said that it can enhance his physique. I don’t know where he got the prescription. Dad Wang Hua has always been resolutely opposed to sneering at his father-in-law who is half an oil basket, but he can’t support his mother Sun Rongcui. Wang Feipeng has grown up and his physique is really good. He has never been sick since he was a child, and even rarely caught a cold. Dad Wang Hua has never been tortured by his grandfather again.
Wang Feipeng also has a sister who went home after graduating from junior high school. A few years ago, her brother-in-law was married. She was a bricklayer. Wang Feipeng was naughty since childhood, carrying a slingshot in his pocket. Every day, his parents had a headache for him, and his grandfather always loved him.
Waigongsun Yalong is a village doctor. He boasts that he is a martial arts master of the Republic of China, Sun Lutang. He is good at flying skills. He followed his elders for a few years when he was a child. Later, he caught up with the Cultural Revolution and broke the four old ones. He dared not practice Sun Yalong again. In the past ten years of turmoil, Sun Yalong gradually felt that Chinese martial arts was profound and explored nature from the practice of traditional Chinese medicine. Getting close to nature and finally realizing the harmony and unity between man and nature, Wang Feipeng picked up and practiced intermittently. He listened to his grandfather’s boasting since he was a child. He didn’t know that Sun Lutang Xuren also performed Qijia Boxing and Tai Ji Chuan’s two sets of boxing methods. It was also common in the backyard. He also got a plum blossom pile and nine wooden pillars. He occasionally walked around for a long time many years ago and now he is even more afraid.
But my grandfather forced Wang Feipeng to practice since he was a child. Maybe it was because Wang Feipeng was like him since he was a child. Maybe it was because he didn’t insist on learning martial arts and medicine. He was strict with Wang Feipeng, especially Xiao Zhoutian, who had never stopped exercising every day since he was six years old. Xiao Zhoutian started from Dantian and passed through perineum-Tail-Mingmen-Jiaji-Dazhui-Jade Pillow-Baihui-Dantian-Queqiao-Paris-Zhongdiantian-Dantian Wang Fei. After that, let this warm current reach the perineum, enter the tail and then pass through the life gate, the ridge, Jade pillow, of course, these passes are not easily passed, but rushed one by one. It takes about a month to rush. The scene is very interesting. When the true qi stays at Mingmen, it takes a long time. The air waves are like waves lapping on the shore. The interesting thing is that each wave stops at the second lumbar vertebra where Mingmen is located. When the amount of true qi increases to a certain extent, the air waves will pass through Mingmen and the ridge is narrow. At this time, it is like Yun Ni pouring into the valley in the mountains and slowly passing through the jade pillow. The high true qi will only make sense after repeated knots. However, in the past few days, the clouds of Qi blocked the jade pillow, and I felt that there was a great force pulling the head backwards. Through this phenomenon, the Qi disappeared naturally in the process of Qi rushing, and the effect was quite good. My kidneys were warm and very hot, and my waist was suddenly strong and my spirit was very full. My legs were as fast and powerful as a boat full of sails.
Returning to the Qi Sea (Dantian) and practicing for about half a year, the true qi slowly and quietly trickled into the Qi Sea from Zhongdiantian, and finally completed the cycle of Xiao Zhou-Tian, from practicing to returning to the Qi Sea, from weak to strong, and surging and rushing back, giving people a feeling of being vast, calm and peaceful, just like a scene that originated from a high mountain river, "The river flows out of Tong and its rush is increased because of Taihua’s resistance, and the fierce wind returns to the Three Gorges because of Wushan’s separation". Entering Pingchuan and returning to the sea is a different landscape.
During the whole practicing process of Xiao Zhoutian Gong, the bystanders see the static practitioners, and appreciate whether it is moving or wonderful, and the beautiful scenery is the reconstruction and sublimation of the spirit.
It took Wang Feipeng nearly four years to practice Xiao Zhoutian’s Kung Fu before he succeeded in one big point, and 36 key points were well known.
What else is there that Grandpa knows but doesn’t know?
The fifth chapter five stunts
I remember when I was a child, my grandfather often took a sip of medicinal wine and spat four times, claiming to teach him "five stunts" and practicing outside is the real kung fu master. Wang Feipeng wiped his face and asked, "What is my grandfather’s Jianghu?" Why haven’t you been arrogant? "
"Go to … little rabbit cub grandpa is abandoned halfway now just know ancestors to stay is a treasure! It’s too late! It’s good for you to learn from grandpa! Come on, come on ~ Eat Want Want Snow Cake Grandpa will buy it for you and practice it well! "
Wang Feipeng practiced qigong since he was ten years old. Sun Yalong said that if his bones and muscles were not developed, he would be too hard, especially if his hamstrings were hard. Then he practiced again and got a big laundry basket filled with hundreds of kilograms of sand, and then let Wang Feipeng carry 4 kilograms of iron sand. After that, he didn’t take it except taking a bath every morning, noon and evening. He ran clockwise and counterclockwise along the laundry basket for 5 times, and took 1 kilogram of sand and 1 kilogram of iron sand every half month. The iron sand was soaked with pig blood for 7 days and then buried for 49 days.
Just now, I often fall from the big laundry list and plum blossom pile. Seven years have passed this year. The big laundry list has been changed several times. Now there is no sand in it, but Wang Feipeng can walk like a fly in the big laundry list and plum blossom pile, but he has 1 kg of iron sand. It is convenient to wear Sun Yalong and sew two leggings, two hands tied and a vest, a total of two sets of rotations.
Practicing Lightness Skill requires the support of Xiao Zhoutian’s achievement method. Just as Sun Yalong said, "If you don’t practice boxing until the old one, it’s like steering a boat." The spiritual center thinks that clearing your mind and distracting your mind can help you to be cautious before you can walk the big basket or plum blossom pile. If you are not careful, you are in danger of falling off. It is even more important to practice hard and persistently, not to practice at random; Step by step, persevere, don’t advance by leaps and bounds. If you stop halfway, you won’t work hard. After decades of light achievement, you will naturally succeed.
In principle, if you can change your breath by stepping on a borrowing point, it is equivalent to letting yourself rest. This process is very fast. After years of exploration, Wang Feipeng can also change his breath during the fall to avoid the weight increase of the borrowing point and overturn the big basket.
Wang Feipeng’s home is 5 kilometers away from the junior high school and nearly 2 kilometers away from the senior high school. He often runs with iron sandbags on his back and walks along beautiful mountain paths. Birds singing and flowers singing together with Xiao Zhoutian’s luck are much more relaxed and comfortable than running big baskets and plum blossom piles. He often sweats with towels every day until he runs 2 kilometers in high school. Even in summer, he rarely sweats.
In addition to Xiao Zhoutian’s Kung Fu and Lightness Skill, there are two sets of boxing methods, Tai Ji Chuan 24 and Qijia Boxing 32. Tai Ji Chuan’s intention is to lead the spirit, and the spirit is dependent on each other. Both rigidity and softness are combined, and the softness is emphasized. Rouke just pays special attention to finding the opponent’s power point and the dynamic trajectory. The combination of Xiao Zhoutian’s Kung Fu and Tai Ji Chuan practices the dynamic stretching, gentleness, quietness, roundness and coherence, rigidity and softness, and shape and vitality.
Qijia Boxing is a well-known patriotic general and national hero, Qi Jiguang, who carefully composed Qijia Boxing based on the actual needs of many famous boxing techniques at that time, such as kicking, hitting, throwing and taking. It is simple and realistic, strong in actual combat, rigid and brave in wrapping and squeezing. If you don’t kick, you will have to fight, you will have to take a flash, show and jump. If you move, you will be devastated. If you move, you will be unfathomable.
Tai Ji Chuan’s 24-style and Qijia Boxing’s 32-style are slow, fast, rigid and soft, and each time they are practiced, they can realize that the two kinds of boxing are mysterious and poor. Since childhood, Sun Yalong has been nagging about Chinese for 5,000 years. Before the emergence of hot weapons, how many martial arts were Chinese treasures? How many martial arts predecessors have worked hard to create foreign martial arts? Thousands of years of success have been achieved. It is a pity that the last hundred years have been abandoned like this.
Xiao Zhoutian’s achievement method is based on Lightness Skill, supplemented by Tai Ji Chuan’s 24-style and Qijia Boxing’s 32-style one-slow and one-quick boxing. Wang Feipeng practices martial arts. Every time he finishes practicing martial arts, his grandfather smiles from ear to ear. Perhaps it is Sun Yalong who has never practiced famous tricks in his life. He pinned his hopes and dreams on his nephew, and after fighting with Wang Feipeng, he gave up when he was beaten. Wang Feipeng never really fought with anyone. Every time he was away, Gong Yalong’s verbal tricks simulated the real number of ways, and it became a great pleasure for
Foreign Gongsun Yalong boasted about the "five stunts" and was refuted by Wang Feipeng every time. He also called it "stunts" because he didn’t see how powerful it was in four kinds of kung fu. Finally, he put Chinese medicine together and pretended to be "five stunts"! Not only does Wang Feipeng despise, but even Wang Feipeng’s parents scoff.
Wang Feipeng’s mother, Sun Rongcui, only learned Chinese medicine from Gongsun Yalong after she got married, so she became a monk halfway. Both of them didn’t have a high level and were squeezed out of business by young people who studied western medicine in the next village. Seven percent of them were left. I believed that my grandfather and grandmother had come to see some common emergency diseases such as colds and fever treated by western medicine a few years ago. As a result, the number of patients increased greatly. As a result, an grandfather died of a heart attack while hanging water and lost 100,000 yuan. Not only did he lose some savings at home, but most of the patients left.
Traditional Chinese medicine in Sun Yalong became a monk halfway, and became a martial arts practitioner. The combination of traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts has a deeper feeling. The "Yin-Yang Qi", "Yin-Yang Movement" and "Yin-Yang Balance" in traditional Chinese medicine have a subtle influence on the theory of martial arts fitness, which is the basis of martial arts fitness theory. The unique exercise method of martial arts conforms to the law of Yin-Yang movement and embodies the balance of Yin and Yang, forming a unique fitness exercise mode of martial arts.
There are many close links between the theory and practice of Chinese Wushu. For example, the essence of the path of Wushu essence is that the meridian body of Chinese medicine is the twelve meridians, and the small Sunday is the governor’s two meridians, while the essence of Wushu "three treasures" is the Chinese medicine term; In addition, martial artists pay attention to yin and yang, five elements, nine palace hexagrams, noon flow, food and medicine, four qi and five flavors, ups and downs, etc., which are inextricably linked with Chinese medicine culture. On the contrary, Chinese medicine has more or less borrowed martial arts in the process of diagnosis and treatment, such as tendon-grasping therapy, acupoint therapy, guiding therapy, gasification therapy and acupressure therapy.
Sun Yalong’s enthusiasm for Chinese medicine is the same as that of martial arts, and the more he becomes fascinated, although the level has not been high, one set after another, Wang Fei Peng has gradually become his only audience and follower, and he has also pinned his hopes on Chinese medicine, so he has recited Tang Touge, ancient prescriptions and herbal names since he was a child. What other theories are there, such as the theory of Yin and Yang and the five elements, the theory of five zang images, the theory of five movements and six qi, the theory of qi, blood, essence, body fluid and theology, and the theory of fractal meridians? Wang Feipeng is puzzled and doesn’t
Wang Feipeng is most interested in mountain-picking herbs. His family lives in Dabie Mountain, where the vegetation is lush. All kinds of herbs are everywhere. Grandpa takes him to recognize them. Gradually, he often sees herbs. He finds out where and where they are rich in herbs. Wang Feipeng is very familiar with them. According to the description of traditional Chinese medicine, he often finds exotic fruits, especially a mountain stream and cliff five miles away from home. There are many precious herbs that evaporate all the year round. Moreover, Wang Feipeng also finds a big cave. Every time when his family quarrels endlessly, he comes here to eat some herbs and practice Xiao Zhou Tian’s Kung Fu
Perhaps Wang Feipeng, who has been in contact with traditional Chinese medicine since childhood, is very interested in traditional Chinese medicine. It is his dream to enter a university of traditional Chinese medicine in this college entrance examination, hoping to become a well-known "magic doctor" and make grandpa and mom doctors look at each other differently!
Chapter VI College Entrance Examination Volunteer
When Wang Feipeng reported that his college entrance examination estimated 621, his grandfather and mother felt that it was not bad, but the teacher and father Wang Hua almost stared at Wang Feipeng for a long time. "Are you blind to estimate? Don’t fool us. If you can get 5 points in the college entrance examination, it will be impossible. How can you get more than 6 points?"
Grandpa and mom just reacted, "Don’t talk nonsense, we all know that the college entrance examination is very important and a great opportunity to change our lives, but we should seek truth from facts and don’t tease us."
"I didn’t tease you. It’s really 621 points. Teacher Qin, the class leader, personally changed your mind and asked him!" Wang Feipeng puffed himself up and worked hard for a year. They didn’t even know it. They seldom knew about trivial matters, quarrels and quarrels.
Dad Wang Hua quickly took out his mobile phone and dialed Teacher Qin’s words. After being confirmed by Teacher Qin, he was completely praised by Teacher Qin. "Teacher Wang, your son is really good. It’s really well-educated to catch up with you in just one year. It’s worthwhile to come back to our school when the teacher introduces his experience. This child is really promising!"