Ice Scorpion Snow Mountain Ice Scorpion clan was destroyed because of leaning on willow alone.
If she hadn’t hooked up with outsiders, the ice scorpion clan wouldn’t have suffered so much.
At this moment, Bi Huojun didn’t pay attention to Tang Luoling and his party of seven people, because Tang Luoling had already told them to collect interest and belong to the fighters’ breath, so their appearance was like an ordinary human being, and they didn’t pay attention to them before Bi Huoshe leaned on Liu.
Sometimes some neglected people will always give you a big somersault at the last moment.
Tang Luoling saw that the man and the woman frowned and said, "Local tyrants, Xiaobai, make them into paste!"
"It’s the master!"
Local tyrants and Xiaobai smell the words and shine at the moment, and then they flicker to meet the man and woman.
There is no unnecessary nonsense. If you rush away, you will release your strongest animal skill. Local tyrants are good at attacking two small paws with fire. They just greeted the green fire snake and didn’t take them seriously. Two little guys also treated them with contempt.
Because of contempt, it has become the strongest animal skill of local tyrants, and it has become a cooked meat.
On the other hand, when Xiaobai shot at the leaning willow, it was a direct flying leg that slammed the leaning willow into the snow and then dispatched its shadow claw. The leaning willow was cut into meat alive. Chapter 839 It was cruel!
The appearance of minced meat made everyone stay there.
Yunsu looked at the two things in the snow, one was smelling of meat, and the other was completely bloody, which made her feel terrible.
Xia Houlian knew that these two little beasts could not be considered by ordinary people.
On the contrary, Yunyang, Yunqi and Yunwu were so cruel that they turned pale and white directly!
There is wood!
Tang Yu looked on and said, "Local tyrants and little white sisters mean to make them into paste. What are you doing?"
"Make it into a paste?"
The local tyrant and Xiaobai glanced at each other, and then they shot the two things into the ground with one stroke, completely turning them into paste.
This latter trick directly made Yunyang, Yunqi and Yunwu shudder unconsciously. These two little beasts really can’t be underestimated!
Tang Luoling turned to one side. "They are already dead. Do you have any plans?"
Emperor Jing scorpion never thought that the two little beasts could burst into so much power during the battle.
Just now, it can feel that the seven humans and the two little beasts in front of it are not malicious to it. Otherwise, yesterday, I was afraid that it would have died!
In Xiao Jing’s eyes, the green fire snake is very strong!
Even his sister is already a mid-term monster beast. Their strength should not be so weak. Those two little beasts have no ability to kill each other with one stroke.
Although it is a green fire snake leaning on the willow, it is somewhat underestimating, but it should not die so easily!
Emperor Jing’s face was white, blue and black.
Took a deep breath before she said, "Jingjiancheng still has my people. Now the two enemies of the ice scorpion clan are all benefactors who killed me. Then I will be grateful to you on behalf of the ice scorpion."
The ice scorpion clan still has clansmen in Jingjian City?
So if you want to know what this hellhole is like, you can finally find someone to understand it.
In the next few days, Tang Luoling and his party also figured out that this place is called Dreamland, which can be said to be the site of monster beast, fierce beast and Warcraft.
Even if there are humans, those humans dare not conflict with fierce beasts and Warcraft.
And the monster beast is weak and falls into the hands of those humans. Of course, if it is beautiful, it can also be kept in the house by humans. If it is strong, it can stay in the house. If it is weak and just born, it will be strangled directly in the strong …
You can also say that the dreamland mainland is really the law of the jungle.
No permanent alliance has permanent interests in their eyes.
Leaning on the willow will betray the ice scorpion clan, which is the head of the ice scorpion clan; Only then will Goubihuo snake destroy the nest of ice scorpion and snow mountain.
Jingjiancheng is a small town in the northwest.
Dreamland mainland has a big fierce beastmaster and a big Warcraft master.
And dreamland is controlled by their nine BM’s.