Zhou Tiandao: "It’s very simple. The entrance to the mysterious valley is probably in these places that seem to be lax in defense but tight in defense. There must be one entrance. They deliberately made so many reasons to confuse the invaders. That’s why those places can form a straight line, but they can quickly enter the entrance along this line. Others just want to chase after them because they don’t know that the final result can’t keep pace with them."
They suddenly realized a mark and laughed. "Smelly little is really a set of you. Everyone didn’t find this problem, so you saw it. I have to say that your little observation is much more subtle than people."
Sun Zhenhao said, "Brother, since we already know each other’s deployment, what should we do? They are so tightly deployed that it is impossible for us to go through it without interest."
Sunday nodded and said, "It’s really impossible to cross it with interest. The highest level for us to cultivate here is the master and I cultivate the realm. Although I am not as good as the younger brother, my comprehensive strength is much stronger than yours. Plus, I have the help of the fire unicorn sacred beast. So they are fully capable of World War I. According to the original plan, Master will lead some of them first, and then I will lead others to cross the straight line quickly while they are encircling me and master."
Cold water channel "but where is the real entry point? We don’t know where the real entry point is even if we cross that straight line."
On Sunday, a slight smile said, "Although they are very secretive, they still reveal the specific entry point. Where do you think this line points?"
Everyone looked at it carefully for a while and Fu Yajing said with surprise, "This is it." His finger pointed to a point in the southwest of the map.
Sunday nodded and said, "Elder martial sister, it’s good to observe carefully. This point is the real entrance of the mysterious valley. You can see that the line extended by these points is the most convenient point. This is convenient for people in that tribe to quickly withdraw into that entrance in case of crisis."
Yi Jianxin said, "Now that the specific entrance place has been determined, everyone is ready for action. It’s dark and it’s a good time for us to act. Remember to hide your breath. Once you are caught by those people and gods, our plan will fall short."
"We will" everyone can’t help but nod and look dignified immediately.
After an hour, when it was dark, he said to a sword on Sunday, "Master, we can move you. Be careful. After success, retreat to the entrance. According to my calculation, we have three hours."
"What do you mean we have three hours?" Fu Yajing asked puzzled.
Zhou Tiandao: "It’s very simple. After three hours, all the people in that tribe will mobilize, so it’s impossible to enter the mysterious valley again. And if I didn’t guess wrong, the tribesmen must have set a trap at the entrance. It takes three hours to prepare for the trap."
Chapter four hundred and fifty-seven Encountered fierce fighting
Girls’ literature
Sun Zhenhao said inexplicably, "Brother, how do you know that they have a trap at the entrance and it takes three hours for the trap to start? This is amazing. We didn’t see it."
Fu Yajing giggled and laughed. "Sun Shifu, Zhou Shifu has more abnormal wisdom. You haven’t seen it. When Jianzong was born, Ruojia was already very powerful. But Zhou Shifu removed the whole Ruojia from Jianzong with one person and became a myth in our history of Jianzong."
Sun Zhenhao exclaimed, "If that’s the case, brother, you’re too abnormal. How did uncle and aunt make you so clever and we are so stupid? If you give us a little bit of your wisdom, my heart will be balanced."
On Sunday, he said with a black line on his face, "What do you mean I’m abnormal wisdom? I’m the same with my head, hands and feet no more than yours. Where is abnormal wisdom? In fact, you have neglected a lot of things by careless observation. Look at the position of those guards. That’s an array. From this array situation, the array center must be supported by a trap, and it takes three hours to start the array, that is to say, the trap in the array center must also be started in three hours."
Everyone suddenly realized that Fu Yajing giggled and laughed. "You know a lot. Even the law is so proficient. It can be said that you are a master of law. You know, in the field of cultivation, it is also necessary to have a certain way of law. It is impossible to lay a very high law without such high attainments."
Zhou Tianxin sighed, "Where do you know that I didn’t go to any school since I was a child, and my mother taught me the first word I learned? My mother taught me the array on the first day I went to read. At any rate, my mother was also the first day of the ancient family array seal. Everything she taught me was created by the almighty array in ancient times."
Without these words, it is impossible to tell them on Sunday, not because I don’t believe in their girls’ literature, but because I don’t feel the need to smile lightly. "I’ll teach you this method of array cracking after you want to learn it, and now I’ll tell you in detail." Then I picked a branch and drew a picture of the whole method of array cracking in the east and west, and explained it to you with confidence.
When everyone understood, Sunday asked, "Have you all remembered?"
"Remember" Fu Yajing, Sun Zhenhao and others said that their admiration for Sunday was even stronger.
Zhou Tiandao "remember the words to break this array, and remember never to take a wrong step, or it will immediately trigger this array attack. If you successfully break this array, the trap will automatically fail." He looked up at the sky and said to a mark, "Master, you can move."
Mark nodded, "Well, everyone be careful and wish us a smooth end to this plan." After that, the body movement suddenly appeared in the middle of the class, and the feet just landed on a ground, which immediately attracted those people’s attention to hear a cold drink.
Then I saw a person waving a hand and heard a "swish" whistling. From some secret places, I constantly stimulated many silvery flying swords to update girls’ literature for the first time. The flying sword struck with great strength. If it was hit, the whole person was taken up.
A mark laughed a few times and didn’t go to avoid his vitality. When he turned around, he was covered with a thick wall of vitality. When those flying swords touched a mark, the wall of vitality "jingled" and fell to the ground. Even a mark could not be hurt.
Those guards didn’t expect the enemy’s strength to be so strong. Those castrated flying swords actually hurt him. They had to pick up a horn and blew it. Soon, many people were "wooshing" from a gathering tribe.
It’s good to see those people who came by leaps and bounds, but the real big shots still didn’t appear, creating better opportunities for Sunday and others, and decided to kill them and display the "Excalibur Road"
Before those people close to roar a firm but gentle suddenly generate Dao firm but gentle than Sunday that towering sword to power don’t know how many times stronger.
A mark man is wrapped in a firm but gentle sword there, just like a sword standing there quietly. The whole world is shrouded in a mark but firm but gentle, and a sword moves out of the world.
"Excalibur Road" is indeed the first kendo in "Excalibur Road".
Those girls’ literature, which were leaping forward, was suddenly frozen in the middle, and then fell from the middle one by one, and their hearts were shattered by the firm but gentle shock. I didn’t see how a mark shot and wiped out a group of advanced scholars with a wave of his hand.
You know, many of those people who leap forward are martial arts practitioners, and two of them are martial arts practitioners in the middle period. This strength can’t stop a sword, so it can be seen that the power of "Excalibur Road" is so scary that it is difficult for people who kill people in the form to resist the sword. This is still a sword and a hand. If other departments use "Excalibur Road" to girls’ literature, this valley will be destroyed by his shock wave.
Finally, a mark made such a big noise to anger the masters who were hidden in the dark. They all jumped out and roared, "Dare to kill my tribesmen, I want you to pay ten times." One of the masters who jumped out was a master of heaven, which made Zhou Tianhe a mark unexpected.
See the sword mark leads to the heavenly master’s dignified eyes and cold drinks "Come if you want to kill me", and the posture method runs directly to the distance.
On Sunday, I was shocked and stamped my feet. "How can you change your mind temporarily? If the distance is too far, how can you get into the valley?" Knowing that it is hard to do this with one sword, it will also bring serious consequences.
On Sunday, I didn’t care so much. I said to a few people, "You should hide quickly and remember not to let people find out that you are here and remember that I taught you the way to break the array." At the same time, I showed my posture of "shifting and transposing" and heard "whoosh" a person suddenly jumped out of a far place.
My feet just touched the ground and I heard the guards shout "Who lives". I just wanted to wave out hidden weapons and sneer at a line "I won’t give you such an opportunity" on Sunday. I moved and swished a few breaths, and the guards turned around in those places. Soon the men fell softly and had a bloody wound in their throat.
On the speed of getting up on Sunday, it is almost as fast as the posture of a sword heart. With his continuous improvement, the posture training will surpass that of a sword heart in the future. Those people will be wiped out as soon as they display the posture of "shifting and transposition" and cooperate with his "Thousand Sword Wan Jian" and "Hidden Sword Skill"
"Oh," a horn sounded long. People in the tribe couldn’t help frowning when they heard the horn. I didn’t expect that there would be so many masters in the mainland today. Didn’t you say that those schools of repairing the truth have been sent to other places? Why do you still leave so many advanced masters?
In a short time, there are many masters from the tribe. This time, the level of masters is lower than that of chasing a mark. Many of them can be seen that the masters in the tribe have done their best to kill a mark. They are not very advanced people.
But even if those people are not very high, there are still martial artists who are leading the way, or martial artists who are strong. They are definitely not their opponents on Sunday. Since the enemy is not good, it can be a surprise.
Show the posture of "changing shape and transposition". Before those people jump into the international body, they are already angry in the distance. Those people will not consider what the consequences will be, and they will scream and command the people to kill Sunday.
On Sunday, when I saw that my plan had worked, I let out a long whistle, which meant to tell Fu Yajing, Sun Zhenhao and others that the enemy had been successfully led and you could move.
Fu Yajing received instructions from Sunday to drink a "action"
Everyone ran to the designated place in an orderly way according to the pre-established formation on Sunday.
If it weren’t for Sunday, they would have seen through the arrangement of these tribes and the array they set up, maybe they would have been trapped here waiting for them at this time, which is naturally the most severe punishment.
On Sunday, the world of gods will soon come to Fu Yajing to send symbols to tell him that they have entered the valley according to the scheduled plan, and it is estimated that they will enter the valley in about an hour.