It is absolutely impossible to realize it if it is placed on them. This Li Re-mei is also a person with deep resentment. It is extreme to treat his lover and closest sister.
If you don’t feel tired this time, I’m afraid it’s impossible to solve the case, and Li Re-mei will go crazy again
Chen Jun and others all sat back in their chairs after listening, and seriously thought about this problem, thinking that people are fickle!
I don’t know when I got a call over there, but I blinked at the Cheng team and others and said, "Cheng team has a case!"
Cheng Man got excited as soon as you heard it. He just sent a case, and now there’s another one. Is this too patronizing himself? It’s a little embarrassing.
"Where is it?"
"murder case"
The little police officer hurriedly finished and hung up the words to Cheng Man and others’ addresses.
A few people rushed there, but the location of the crime was a flat and low room. After careful questioning, I realized that the deceased was not a native but a man from another city. The deceased was 36 years old, Yang Ping. "
Muming looked at her eyes with gloves and squatted down. "Check if there are any other wounds in the cold first."
In fact, the wound on the body of the deceased was very obvious, that is, it was covered with knife marks and was cut several times. Muming flipped the eyelids of the deceased and felt the stiffness of his hands and feet before touching the back of his head.
"When the deceased was estimated to have died, the body had rotted three days ago, and there was a knife wound on the surface of the body. Every place was deeply visible, and the abdomen was stabbed three times, which was obviously a violent murder."
Muming enunciated clearly, and none of the people present didn’t listen clearly. Muming checked whether there were any other wounds in the cold and then shook his head slightly. "There were no other wounds on the body of the deceased, and there was a lot of blood walking around the floor. It can be inferred that the deceased lost too much blood and died. Plus this knife wound, he can guess that he died on the spot!"
Cheng Man listened to the analysis of two people and frowned gently. "Who is this who can get such a hard hand?"
"This is for you to check things out." Muming continued to look at the body with a tick in her mouth. She didn’t know how many kinds of scenes she had seen. Seeing these are commonplace, she didn’t feel afraid or afraid.
Cheng Man a quick laugh turned around and said, "You and Yu Han will check this slowly and we will go outside to learn about the situation."
Turn away from Cheng Man and others and directly find those who live and find the crime scene, that is, those who call the police.
Cheng Man asked, "Who died so many days before you found out?"
"We don’t know him very well either. If I hadn’t come to borrow something from him today, I wouldn’t have known he was dead!" The man’s mouth was trembling, but he was scared. "That would be terrible. I don’t want to see it again!" "
"Then how did you get in through the door?"
"You can see the scene inside without locking the door." The man was about the same age as the deceased, and his expression was so pale. Cheng Man looked back and asked, "Can you talk about his living conditions?"
"Yang Ping usually doesn’t like to deal with people and hasn’t offended anyone. I didn’t expect this person to be killed like this!" The man sighed heavily and said, "He works in the same factory with me. In the factory, others are honest and willing to do things. Even the boss often praises him and he has never offended anyone."
In fact, this sentence can be said in another way that he has no chance to offend talents.
Cheng Man cold voice way "continue to say don’t stop"
The man coughed lightly. "We didn’t hear any noise three days ago."
Cheng Man is even more puzzled. If it is murder, how can reputation be shaken? Unless … This person was silenced in his sleep.
Thought of here, Cheng Man had a cold sweat behind him. I don’t know what it is. I feel a little creepy at the thought. The taste is really abnormal.
"You police don’t doubt that Yang Ping is particularly honest." The man added a light murmur, "But his family conditions don’t seem to be very good, and he can’t see meat at every meal."
How can a person with difficult family conditions be persecuted by others?
What is it? It certainly won’t be for money. Then what other reasons are there for vendetta?
Cheng Man twisted his eyebrows and couldn’t figure out which key point Qi Shaochen pulled her skirt gently at this moment. "Think about it and I’ll ask."
"Does Yang Ping have any relatives or wives here?" A big man should not be without a woman.
This question seems to have caught those people by scratching their hair. "I really don’t know this question, but we haven’t seen him with a woman, but …"
A man suddenly said, "But a woman came here a few days ago, but she didn’t stay long and left. We were all curious, but Yang Ping didn’t say who she was, but said she was a friend."
"Officer, do you think there is something wrong with that woman?" Otherwise, how can a person just disappear like this?
And it is in a few days before the woman came and died that there was no situation, so I had to put that woman on the key surveillance target!
Gu Jingke stepped aside and asked, "What’s the name of that woman?"
"We don’t know."
"How old and tall are you?" Gu Jingke asked again that a few men were stunned.
"I’m probably in my thirties. I’m dressed fairly well, but my height is only 1.6 meters." Several men hesitated and said again, "Is this woman really related to this case?"
"Is it not the police who have the final say to check!" Qi Shaochen said coldly, "What else do you know?"
"No, we know so little." The men shook their heads and answered the eyes, but they looked at the house, which seemed like they wanted to see but were afraid to look, which made Cheng Man and others feel some language.
Don’t look if you’re afraid. Don’t be afraid if you want to!
The three of them were busy outside for a while, while Mu Ming and Yu Han carefully checked the situation around the deceased. Yu Han highlighted, "Sister Ghost, I think this must have cut people in their sleep!"
Muming lifted her eyes to see her. "Are you so sure? Reason "
"There were no signs of fighting at the scene, and the facial expression of the deceased was not ferocious. I don’t know what the reason is except that he died in his sleep." Yu Han scratched his hair and said, "Even if it is an acquaintance case, the wound like this does not conform to the acquaintance case."
No matter how the acquaintance case is, it can’t be so calm. Since there is a cut, there will be a desperate struggle, but there is no blood in this room!
Mu Ming swept his eyes in the cold and smiled gently. "I didn’t expect you to become much sharper."
Section 331
"So the ghost elder sister also shares my opinion?" Yu Han is a little proud. Once upon a time, a shy little assistant became a little playful and lively. In fact, this is also due to the tacit nature and the personality of the police.
They are all informal people, which has also developed in the cold and no longer takes a fancy to those things
"It doesn’t matter whether my opinion is the same as yours. What matters is that you just said it was your opinion, not mine. Those are your heart’s words without asking my permission. Do you understand?"
After staring at Mu Ming in the cold, he blinked a little and asked, "What would Ghost say?"