Two dull rings fell on everyone’s heart, and black and white brilliance shot from Candle dragon’s eyes with the manner of sighing collapsed. A firm but gentle shock wave thinner than congenital chaos was like a hair, but it resisted the previous mana impact and made a huge move. It appeared in front of Candle dragon.
A cold firelight suddenly burns in front of Candle dragon. That congenital chaotic firm but gentle is in conflict with the firelight. The distance between Candle dragon’s eyebrows is too small, but it will eventually break away from the firelight. This firm but gentle is too thin after all, but it will be burnt out in a moment. The firelight suddenly converges. Candle dragon’s fingers stand up and the rest of the fingers pinch out a strange formula.
Candle dragon hey a pair of eyes such as angry, "so that’s it. Everything was arranged by Yuan Tianzun. This old guy actually handed Pangu Zan into your hands. You have a sword from the south and Pangu Zan. It seems that the two religions of Buddhism and Taoism are working together to completely obliterate the statue. They really forbid another person in the Qing Dynasty."
Candle dragon sounds like a thunderbolt rolling in heaven and earth. The old dragon burst into laughter in the middle of his words. A solemn and stirring feeling slowly emanated from Candle dragon’s body and enveloped the heavens and the earth. The ice dragon and several other real dragons felt the same way, and their eyes showed an indescribable and decisive look.
Laughter came to an abrupt end. Candle dragon suddenly said, "Isn’t it right to say that walking is right?"? Otherwise, they are so nervous that they dare not stop it aboveboard, but let a junior borrow two magic weapons to take his life? "
Candle dragon’s body exudes a solemn and stirring emotional contagion Como’s words, but even the rock-solid Taoist mind is trembling slightly. However, this small white face and two people have cultivated by their own strength. Now, although it is several times shorter than the rest of Luo Jinxian, everything they have experienced is also unshakable.
Is also slightly confused Kang Moyan heart suddenly appeared that epoch-making huge body waving arms and hitting three thousand palm shadows. This small white face suddenly became clear and completely white in the heart and reached out and pointed to Candle dragon to drink a way: "Do you want to trample on the avenue of heaven and earth in Candle dragon?" There are 3,000 avenues in heaven and earth, and all sentient beings are biased in the Tao. If you want to go against the sky, where is the Buddha and the Buddha? Everything is predestined. How can you force the law to be too clear? "
Candle dragon’s clear realm has been able to regularize heaven and earth, and once one’s mind turns, it will trigger a great change in heaven and earth. Although Kang Mo’s words are loud, they can’t suppress Candle dragon’s breath. Where can Fang Chi-long and others believe what Kang Mo’s words say? Swearing at this little white face in succession.
Candle dragon is also nu way, "you little thief is just a pick fairy road. How do you know about Hong Yu Zhi? I have been in the Qing dynasty for hundreds of millions of years, and I have never been able to find a way to break through the last realm. It was only in recent tens of thousands of years that I realized something. How do you know? Besides, the practice is to go against the sky and pursue a chance in case you are tempted by that old guy. How do you know that I can’t succeed in this way? "
Kang Mo gave a cold hum, but he didn’t care what Chi Long and others thought. Even Candle dragon said that he didn’t care about his reprimand. It was not to persuade Candle dragon, not to persuade Chi Long and others, but to alert himself.
Heaven, Earth, Taoism and Fawei have reached perfection for hundreds of millions of years. Although there is no escape, I want to find a whole new way. I can’t but can’t force Kang Moyan to guess vaguely that Candle dragon is trying to hold you in the palm of his hand. With this way to suppress the soul, it is another place. What Candle dragon wants to divide is to be on the other side of heaven and earth.
This is not to find a way to escape, but to find trouble with heaven and act against it.
Once successful, it is indeed possible for Candle dragon to step into the realm of Taiqing and merge with its own world.
But once it fails, the consequences are not what Candle dragon can bear, nor can figures like Yuan Tianzun and Buddha bear, nor can all beings in this world bear.
Candle dragon wants the other side of the world, but he grabs the deep and remote capital and the extreme north from this side of the world. If he succeeds, the consequences will be difficult to estimate, and Yuan Tianzun will also calculate the changes.
So let all things in the world bear unknown doom, or let Candle dragon die alone.
Como broke his words and reached out and pointed to the second congenital chaos, and at the same time secretly buckled the third firm but gentle, ready to release at any time. In his heart, he greatly regretted that he had been influenced by Candle dragon’s emotions and was actually slow. If he took advantage of the first firm but gentle, he might have a great chance to strangle his opponent directly.
Candle dragon saw that Kang Moyan released the second congenital chaotic vitality, but he was not surprised. He was the ancient dragon who naturally knew that there were three chaotic shock waves in Pangu Zan, so he guessed that there would be a second and a third when he dealt with the first one.
This time, Candle dragon didn’t meet the brilliance in his eyes. These two brilliance were ordered by Candle dragon, the avatar of heaven and earth. He was the only one who practiced this spell. Because of the special closure of day and night in his eyes, Yin and Yang had to alternate, and the power had to be transformed to move the changes of heaven and earth. Otherwise, how could he resist the shock wave of congenital chaos?
It is this way of mana consumption that Candle dragon was caught off guard once. If he wants to be mana again, he will not continue to buckle a firm but gentle wave in Kang Moyan’s hand. Candle dragon always has a lot to think about, so he has to hold back his palms and shoot them continuously in front. Every palm seems to build a wall of fire in front of him, layer by layer, to stop the second chaotic firm but gentle wave.
These fire walls are all incarnated by Candle dragon’s life mana, and their power is also very extraordinary. In the face of congenital chaotic vitality, it seems that they have never been smashed by a firm but gentle one. Candle dragon’s body is in a state of illness, and all kinds of rules of heaven and earth are swaying. In front of him, many obstacles are built, and many obstacles have reached the front of firm but gentle.
The cracks in the empty space reveal that all the rules of heaven and earth have been defeated by congenital chaos. Kang Moyan put away the magic weapon all over the sky and chased it away in a hurry, but it was blocked by chaotic rules, as if it was very difficult to get out of the mire. Seeing that Candle dragon had disappeared, I couldn’t help but feel shocked.
"Not the kui is a Guzhen Dragon, and there is such a means. I don’t know if the two Guanghua schools in Candle dragon’s eyes still have successors. If I can release them, I will surely kill him today. More than a firm but gentle shock can protect me. I have to run to Kunlun Mountain to hide, and I am not afraid that he will find the door. If he has no means, I can still have a chance, but I have to think about it."
Kang Moyan was blocked by the full broken rules, and after a moment’s delay, he lost the trace of Candle dragon. When heaven and earth recovered, he pulled himself out again. Where is this old dragon figure? Heart to Candle dragon vision couldn’t help give birth to a few minutes.
Como’s words are not good, but there are three innate chaotic shock waves in his hand, which are not clear-cut. He can resist Candle dragon’s loss and refuses to do more entanglement. Simply avoid the front and know where the palm palace is today’s biggest gain. Como’s words can’t resist even his own tricks. It is necessary to take advantage of this small white face to directly kill all problems and solve them.
Kang Moyan conjectured that Candle dragon’s move was a big vigilance in his heart, and he hurriedly put his figure into the sword from the fire in the south. In addition to the congenital chaos, the firm but gentle is the most powerful Buddhist treasure. Even Candle dragon’s hand would be difficult to defeat the sword from the fire in one move if it weren’t for those two Guanghua.
However, Kang Mo said that it is clear in his heart that the palace in the palm of his hand is in his own hands. Candle dragon will not hide too far, and there is a congenital chaotic firm but gentle pursuit of Candle dragon. The idea is just to fight for himself. This time, it is bound to be a thunderclap.
Thought of this, Kang Moyan hurriedly turned the seven-turn Xuan Shui tactic to urge a big water to roll and move outside. In this big water, hundreds of dragons and grandsons were struggling, but Kang Moyan’s magic seized the root method and got rid of it.
"I don’t know what Candle dragon will do, but no matter how he casts spells, I always call him the dragon, the dragon and the sun to stand in the front and see if his spells are fierce or these dragons are hard."
The gigolo thought in his heart, but his eyes turned and he glanced at Founder watching six people …
Who dies in three, two, seven! !
Who dies in three, two, seven! !
A dragon six people are watching, and Candle dragon personally has to go against the odds. Kang Mo said that he didn’t have to hold the palace in his palm, but he didn’t expect that after several fights, it was Candle dragon who fell off the wind, and the six people were greatly surprised.
Whether the theory of cultivating truth and practicing gas is a gate or a Buddhism or even a demon clan becomes more and more different later. For example, the gap between cultivating the gate and practicing gas into the body and practicing gas liquid at the beginning is not obvious. If the lower realm is powerful, it is not impossible to cross the higher realm, but the gap between the realms of Dan and Yuan Shendao is not that the level of mana can make up for the fact that it is almost impossible to kill a Taoist who is a Taoist of Yuan Shendao.
When it comes to pick Jin Xian’s struggle, it’s not mana but the law of heaven and earth. The gap between the two realms is so great that Candle dragon has a clear realm and can make the law of heaven and earth. Kang Mo’s words are not bound by the law. Besides, Candle dragon’s cultivation for hundreds of millions of years is the ancient dragon’s mana, and it will not weaken a snake demon for hundreds of years
Now that the wind has fallen, where did the six dragons accept it? But let them accept things more, and then there was a fight, but after a few rounds, when Como said the second shock wave flew out, Candle dragon suddenly retreated and disappeared
A dragon, Ao Tian and others’ eyes are almost staring out. They can’t believe that a long-term suspense has ended up like this. When Kang Moyan’s eyes glance, these people still have some reaction, and they are surprised and confused.
Como said hey hey smile sleeve robe to a stroke immediately rolled up a white Guanghua directly toward the six people.
Six people didn’t react. At the same time, a bad way hurriedly urged their spells to resist. Five of these six people are dharma bodies. Where is it worth picking Jin Xian means? As soon as the sleeve of Kang Mo Yan brushed the square glacier, there was a dragon left, and a colorful brilliance was held in the palm of his hand, which protected himself and barely resisted Kang Mo Yan’s magic.
Just now, things have been rushed and some distractions have been added to protect their consciousness. Ao Tian, several people have been taken away by Kang Moyan’s big sleeves. The real dragon was surprised and angry and could not help but scold, "I put you, a little thief, in a fight with the Dharma body, and I fought for three lilies."
Kang Moyan suppressed Aotian five people, then ha ha smiled. "Candle dragon’s clear realm was frightened out of my wits when I got cold feet. You’re just Yu Qingxiu. What dare you invite to fight? Or small ye will you for a while "
Words "reached a finger, there are thousands of sword lights going straight to Chi Long, releasing Guanghua to press Kang Mo’s words. Although the mouth says this, it is not intended to fight with Chi Long as a whole. After all, Chi Long is also a jade Qing realm. He will be able to stay away from the fire sword from the south except for moving the innate chaotic shock wave. But Candle dragon is eyeing up at this time. If these two means are moved, he will be afraid of how he will die.
Como’s words have a perfunctory meaning, but Chi Long’s heart is another general idea. Just now, Candle dragon dared to speak with Como. This real dragon also saw clearly, but he didn’t know the origin of congenital chaotic firm but gentle, which was the means for this small white face to pass the sky. Therefore, he was afraid of the first three points in his heart. At first sight of the falling sword light, he was surprised and quickly took the colorful Guanghua on his head and shrank it by hundreds of feet. He firmly protected himself and refused to attack.
Como said that when he saw this situation, where would he be polite? Mind move thousands of sword light immediately put a dragon around a stormy a great strangulation.
It’s this pretty boy who is thinking about something in his heart. He secretly added, "I am a friend in need, but it’s not good for them to work hard. Now I have more than a dozen people in my hands, so I have to pick a few high-powered people to perform the three overseas dragon kings of Jiuqu Yellow River Array. It’s not a good thing to top him off first."
Thinking about Kang Mo Yan like this, but you can’t do it at once. These dragons haven’t cleared up the position of the Jiuqu Yellow River Array. Not to mention that there are still many unique dragons trapped in the array. The four real dragons all have the pick of Jin Xian Dao, and these four people are trapped. It is already the limit of the Jiuqu Yellow River Array. If Kang Mo Yan is accidentally broken out by four people, he will immediately reverse the situation and leave immediately to return to China.
The two men have been fighting for a long time, and they have doubts in their hearts. Although the sword light outside the body is very complicated, he did not feel too much pressure. After fighting for a moment, I couldn’t help thinking about it. "What is this little thief doing? Is it not that I will not use my real strength in my eyes? So it’s good that even Zulong has left, why should I stay here? Go first while he is careless. "
A dragon’s mind was about to retreat, and Candle dragon’s voice exploded in his mind. "This little thief has three shock waves to protect himself, and one has been consumed by me. I have also got rid of your capacity to fight back immediately. When he is distracted, I will show up and force him to release the third shock wave. When the time comes, I will kill him and two shock waves will dissipate my great things."
Candle dragon is the dragon leader, so he said that the dragon suddenly shook his spirit without hesitation. He turned his body into a magical one, and the unpredictable colorful Guanghua came out from the celestial spirit. The place where he passed was like forming a dreamland, where Guanghua pulled the sword light and suddenly disappeared. I don’t know where this Guanghua suddenly spread out to Fiona Fang for thousands of miles. Suddenly, the cold wind suddenly became hazy, and the hot sun suddenly disappeared, and there was no glacier, sea water and blue sky and white clouds. It was not true that Guanghua was circulating.
"Hey? It is rare that this real dragon can actually turn into a dreamland. "
Kang Mo said that he was not worried about being trapped in the dreamland. He looked at Fang’s sudden appearance of mountains and valleys, ups and downs, and the scenery changed several times. There was nothing to kill and surrender. He was puzzled in his body and mind. He was about to transport the sword to break the dreamland, and the warning signs soared. A cold murder rolled from behind.
"Candle dragon"