Qing Di and Hei Di shook their heads without saying a word. After a green light and a blue light, they all disappeared. At this time, the white emperor also smiled at the Yellow Emperor and flew to Chi Di. Then he pulled Nezha and said, "Let’s go and drink!"
Nezha Xi Xi smiled and followed Chi Di. The Yellow Emperor also wanted to go, but looking at this big account, he was very depressed. Now this is his big account. Where can he go? "Old Emperor!"
The 10,000-year-old Buddha made a big cry and crawled to the Yellow Emperor’s leg to take the Yellow Emperor back two steps. "Alas, it’s not that I don’t help you. Do you know what the situation is now? Sunday bodhi old zu is really a very powerful guy. It’s strange how this little practice became the first in the five realms in such a short time. Are we all too lazy? "
The Yellow Emperor muttered, "Old Emperor, save the villain!"
The ancient Buddha is still not white. This Sunday, the bodhi old zu became the first Yellow Emperor. What does it matter if they are lazy and save their own lives? "Alas, you are bald. Why are you so stupid? Now we must try our best to unite and work together to deal with the bodhi old zu on Sunday. If you have offended the western Buddhas and let Papman go to Sunday, aren’t you the culprit that killed us? No, no, we really can’t control your affairs. Let’s go as far as possible. By the way, let’s go to the celestial world where the nebula is hidden.
The Yellow Emperor pulled up the ancient Buddha and pushed it outside. "But I can’t get out of this door, Old Emperor!"
The 10,000-year-old Buddha really cried and was very sad. It was also a snot and a tear, but he didn’t have the courage to tell the Yellow Emperor that the listener was sad or ten times more miserable than the dead mother. The Yellow Emperor was also crying and couldn’t help but sigh and say, "Oh, forget it, just stay in my tent and send you out when we evacuate from the western Buddhist world!"
As soon as the ancient Buddha heard the tears, he immediately stopped flowing. He smiled and kowtowed to the Yellow Emperor and shouted, "Thank you, old emperor! Thank you, old emperor!"
"Come on, you come with me!"
The old emperor can’t stand this too much respect. When the sleeve is brushed, a real yuan will be pulled up from the palm of his hand. Suddenly, the yellow emperor’s face changed and the real yuan suddenly flew to his side in a circle, and then thousands of defense laws were arranged in front of him in a blink of an eye. "Boom!"The whole body of the 10,000-year-old ancient Buddha exploded from the inside out, and the hidden place in every cell was rich and vigorous. One by one, it exploded like a small one, and the robes tightly wrapped around his body were also blown to pieces. The center of the body of the 10,000-year-old ancient Buddha impacted in all directions, away from him. Recently, the Yellow Emperor was the first to rush to arrange thousands of defense arrays, which were destroyed by this explosion. As soon as the crazy force hit the Yellow Emperor, he was wearing colorful flying vestments. The defensive power is amazing. The Yellow Emperor is still an untenable person. Like autumn leaves, he was swept out and crashed into the tent behind him. The five elements of large array immediately started a bright light. With this thunder, the general sound showed that the Yellow Emperor was obese and hit hard and the large array. I couldn’t help but open my mouth and spit out golden blood. The five camps shook the five old emperors’ hands and counted the immortals. They would fly from the camp to the individual eyes. It seems that Hei Di, Qing Di, Bai Di and Xing Xuan and others heard a loud noise before they went to their camp. Everyone couldn’t help but feel a huge earthquake. A teleport came to the Yellow Emperor’s camp. The waves were still rolling around. But after the violent explosion just now, the power was not as good as that of the former Star Xuan’s Ufa robe. The red light was dazzling and he rushed into the Yellow Emperor’s camp like a skyshatter shuttle. The black and white breath fell from the sky, and the layers were still rolling. The real storm was like dust. When the ground was pressed to blink, the yellow emperor’s tent fluctuated and disappeared, showing that he was lying on the ground,
Xing Xuan was frightened and reached out and picked up the Yellow Emperor. "What’s going on?"
Qing Di, Hei Di, Bai Di and others also rushed in to see the Yellow Emperor’s appearance, and Qing Di’s facial muscles twitched and cried, "Sunday, bodhi old zu, you are a king’s egg!"
"What the hell is going on?"
Xing Xuan is not as arbitrary as Qing Di. Seeing that the Yellow Emperor has reached out and put a Dan medicine into his mouth at this time, he quickly asked, "Hehe, I didn’t see that the ancient Buddha in ten thousand had such consciousness that he turned himself into human flesh and wanted to kill the little old man!"
The Yellow Emperor smiled bitterly, "An ancient Buddha of ten thousand years?"
Xing Xuan looked back and saw where there were still ten thousand-year-old Buddha shadows that had already turned into a pile of broken meat that could not be broken any more. With the explosion just now, "How is it possible?"
Xing Xuan’s head is full of question marks. The ancient Buddha is a despicable and very afraid of death. How could he blow himself up to murder the Yellow Emperor? "It must have been instigated by the bodhi old zu on Sunday to kill the Yellow Emperor, who is the most powerful in our martial arts!"
Qing Di slapped his palm hard and shouted that he was very excited. Xing Xuan frowned and looked at Qing Di and Huangdi’s mouth and asked, "Old Emperor, have you ever had a conflict with this 10,000-year-old Buddha?"
The Yellow Emperor shook his head with a wry smile. "I didn’t even know how this ten thousand-year-old ancient Buddha clashed with him." It’s impossible for our grandchildren, clansmen and hands to conflict with him. They always do business with each other in the Six Realms. Even if they offend others a little, it’s not a big deal. It’s absolutely not going to be a desperate situation. My direct hand, let alone without my token, they can’t leave Loess City. Who knows this ten thousand-year-old ancient Buddha? "
"That ten thousand-year-old ancient Buddha’s body was repaired by the old emperor, but if it was at least ten times that of him, wouldn’t he have noticed it at all when he blew himself up?"
Xing Xuan once again asked the Yellow Emperor to reveal an incredible look in his eyes after hearing it. It took a long time to say, "No! Strange, strange, there is no sign at all. One moment, he was desperately asking me to take him in and protect him. Suddenly, his body reacted, and the instantaneous explosion didn’t even accumulate at all. It’s so strange! "
Chi Di and others stared at the boss after hearing it. "Dear old emperors, do you think that even if the Yellow Emperor has no precautions, is it possible for the ancient Buddha to kill the Yellow Emperor?"
Xing Xuan then asked the third question, but this time in the face of Chi Di, Qing Di and Hei Di, the four of them shook their heads repeatedly, and Chi Di said, "Don’t say that this guy has been repaired for more than ten thousand years, even if he has repaired it ten times higher, that is, at most, it is wishful thinking to kill him! Hehe, don’t say that he is Xing Xuan. You can’t kill the old scum even if you blow yourself up. Don’t forget that we are all innate natural gods. How can we die if we practice immortality? "
It is said that Xing Xuan shook his head again and again and said, "What are you talking about, old fire monkey? Why am I doing nothing to blow myself up? I really don’t know what it means!"
Chi Di, hey hey, laughed, and Hei Di and others also relaxed their mood and burst into a smile. "Maybe this ten thousand-year-old ancient Buddha was controlled by the ancestor Sunday and blew itself up to warn us!"
Qing Di didn’t laugh and frowned and said, "It’s possible that this hateful Sunday bodhi old zu!"
Hei Di, Bai Di and Chi Di all cursed the Yellow Emperor and Xing Xuan, but it took a long time for the Yellow Emperor to wave his hand and say, "Dear old brothers, I’m fine. Let’s go. Be careful!"
At that time, everyone can also let out their gods and patrol around the Yellow Emperor’s tent. At the same time, they are wandering high. At the same time, Papman suddenly has two explosions and huge shock waves behind him. He rushed at Papman and knocked his huge body out hundreds of miles away. There was no prohibition. Papman also took advantage of the opportunity to fly forward, but it didn’t hurt at all. "What kind of bastard has it become?"
Papman cursed the golden light in his eyes and looked back. Papman was shocked. Half of his thirty brothers were injured and two died. The true gentleman of Chiyang and Jueyin, who came from heaven to chase the ancient Buddha of ten thousand years, have disappeared. "Master, it’s bad. It’s bad. Chiyang and Jueyin exploded for two reasons!"
The Red Yang Zhen Jun and Jueyin Zhen Jun ran over to Papman with a full face of fear and said, "What? How did this happen? "
Papman’s eyes were more golden and he looked at the scene of the explosion. But after a long time, he saw the crazy and violent fluctuations. He didn’t see anything. "It won’t be Sunday’s bodhi old zu’s black hand to them, will it?"
Papman’s face was twisted, so he immediately suspected the bodhi old zu on Sunday instead of just meeting the five old emperors for the first time, because he knew that the five old emperors never did this secret modeling thing, and a golden light flew from a distance like a horse’s training to reach Papman. It was bodhisattva lingji, bodhisattva lingji, who smiled and said to Papman with his hands folded, "How is the devil always?"
Papman couldn’t help frowning when he saw bodhisattva lingji’s arrival. "It’s good to see you, a bald donkey. What’s so good about seeing a bald donkey lose every bet?"
Bodhisattva lingji listened to his rude words but didn’t get angry. Hehe smiled and said, "I haven’t seen the old devil for hundreds of thousands of years, but my style is still the same!"
Papman noncommittally bodhisattva lingji hey hey smile doesn’t care about narrowing her eyes and said to Papman, "the devil hundreds of thousands of describe all the light killing what’s the point? Why don’t you sit down for a cup of tea and talk about what’s wrong with your heart? The process of pursuing heaven is also fun. If you are poor, you must kill your life in the face of meaning. Isn’t it fun for everyone to sit down and talk about the classics? "
"Bah, that’s your monk’s way of pursuing heaven. Grandpa, I never put any nonsense in heaven. Grandpa pays attention to everything that goes against heaven and earth! Hey, hey, it’s my heaven to say that heaven has killed all of you who are cruel and hypocritical monks! "
Papman’s thick phlegm flew towards Lingji like a shell, scaring bodhisattva lingji into a teleport and dodging.
Chapter three hundred A little secret
"What about the devil’s suffering? It was only a woman and a woman more than a million years ago. Will the devil be bitter?"
Bodhisattva lingji is still earnestly trying to persuade him not to see Papman’s distorted face. "Lingji, you bastard, say again, believe it or not, I’ll kill you now!"
Papman is really a little angry. This Lingji really doesn’t know how to live or die and dares to repeat the past. When the Buddhist name rings in the sky, the sky is full of Buddhist names and rosy clouds. The whole world is covered with a layer of golden light. At the end of the sky, three colorful lotus stands come side by side. It is Guanyin, Pu Xian and Manjusri. "I hate this golden light and hate this ostentation and extravagance!"
Papman great anger opened his mouth and spit out one mouthful true qi. During the Games, the wind was blowing all over the sky and clouds were scattered. By giving birth to several dark clouds, heaven and earth suddenly plunged into darkness. "Ha, ha, ha, I like this darkness best! If you like dark creatures, give them up! "
Papman frantically shouted that tens of millions of demons rose from the ground with this scream, and they got out of the ground and in the dark clouds, bared their teeth, and pounced on bodhisattva lingji, Guanyin Bodhisattva, Manjusri Bodhisattva and Samantabhadra "Amitabha!"
The four bodhisattvas read the Buddha’s name with a wry smile, and the golden light suddenly burst into flames in the piercing scream. "Woo, my child, my son, my grandson, my great-grandson, Manjusri, Pu Xian and Guanyin, you killed my relatives again, and I will not end with you!"
Papman shouted, "Calm down, devil!"
When Guanyin saw that things were not good, she quickly shouted, "Calm down. How can I calm down your grandfather and grandmother and kill so many of my children and grandchildren? This is a great revenge!"
Papman’s sound is even bigger, and the whole world seems to be shaking, and there is a magic sound that erodes the mind in the sound "despicable!"
Four bodhisattvas almost scolded 1 at the same time in their hearts, quickly running the body and really pushing out the magic sound that invaded their minds. "Slow down, devil!" We are wrong, we are wrong, and we will compensate you for the loss! "
Or Guanyin Bodhisattva’s brains are flexible. At this time, we and others can’t push this wave of ten-day offenses to the nether world, but it will be troublesome. "Hey, hey, it’s still your path!"
Papman suddenly laughed. The expression on her face was like seeing the old hen’s weasel. "You just killed so many children and grandchildren. You are all overhauled. People kill and can’t die. They are all smelly monks. None of them have been killed by Zun. Then lose money. Kill me. Fifty million celestial coins, one hundred million celestial coins, one billion celestial coins of great grandchildren. Don’t look at me like this. Old people are all hurting the least. Of course, Sun is more valuable than children. Great grandchildren are more valuable than grandchildren! How many grandchildren have you killed? Oh, I can’t figure it out. Let’s work it out for you. You killed 1,510 children, 9,369 grandchildren and 50,967 great grandchildren. Oh, that’s a big number, but math is not so good. Your math had better help you figure out how much it is! "
Papman hee hee said with a smile that the sweat of the three great men is really a devil’s color! No, those demons form the devil. How can they be his children and grandchildren? Papman, the bastard, is really good at cheat people. It happened that the brainless Bodhisattva really figured it out for Papman. When the mighty mind worked, it worked out the result in the blink of an eye. "It was five hundred and ninety-nine hundred and thirty-three billion celestial coins!"
After listening to the anger in my heart, the three scholars cursed Lingji in my heart. Are you out of your mind to calculate this thing for Papman! "Be a good boy or a good boy. Although it’s practicing magic, it’s also about compassion. I’ll give you a head start. You give me 60 trillion yuan of celestial coins. Today, things will be written off and the rest can be slowly discussed. Give money!"
Papman said with a bad smile that the three scholars suddenly turned up their eyes again, asking for more than one hundred trillion yuan of celestial coins. Why did they call us to go to the head? But the three scholars really didn’t have the courage to turn against Papman and break their teeth and swallow Guanyin with one hand. They said to Papman, "The devil’s money is a foreign object. The devil wants us to give it to you. It’s just that we can’t come up with many foreign objects at the moment. It’s better for the devil to go to Lingshan with us to find the Tathagata Buddha and pay you back the money!"
"That’s all right. The children asked the Tathagata for money!"
The twenty disciples behind Papman, who were very happy, also temporarily recovered from the sadness of losing the two younger brothers, namely, Chiyang Venerable and Jueyin Venerable. They all burst out laughing and followed the four Bodhisattvas and Papman to Lingshan. They closed their eyes and meditated in circles, and then the chaotic atmosphere surrounded him and slowly infiltrated into his body, transforming the pure fire into the true elements, gradually depositing in the abdomen and then gradually dissolving into the seven Yuan Yingdan. "Chaos, Yin and Yang, five elements of truth and five elements of source power decompose the original forces!"
Xing Xuan chanted these nouns in his heart, but his mind was immersed in an ethereal world, surrounded by chaotic breath. The pure air did not rise, and the polluted air did not fall. It was exactly the same as that in Pangu days ago. "If the body is no longer the five elements, then the decomposition force of the original boundary will not affect me. Then I will not really become an immortal body, which is more completely immortal than the natural god of the Five Old Emperors?"
Xing Xuan thought to himself, but how can he turn his own fire attribute truth element into chaos truth element? Clear air rises, turbid air falls, and Xing Xuan’s mind fluctuates with it. A trance enters Xing Xuan’s mind, and Xing Xuan tries to catch it, but it suddenly goes away. "It seems possible, but how to do it?"
It seems that I caught it and didn’t catch it, which made Xing Xuan feel very uncomfortable. At this time, a wave came from the outside of the tent. Xing Xuan’s eyebrows frowned and immediately woke up from the state of uniting. The door of the tent was kicked, and then a green figure repeatedly flashed and hid in front of Xing Xuan.