If it had been higher earlier, the football might have bounced back because it hit the front of the crossbar!
It’s a matter of minutes to score and not score!
Absolute dead angle!
Theoretical dead angle!
That’s fucking tricky!
Chapter 33 specializes in all kinds of not
Maybe Ancelotti made careful arrangements before the game. He imagined many possible situations in the game, and then he would make his own response according to these situations.
So that his horse can come up with an effective response when the situation he imagined really appeared in the race.
The situation in the football match is changing rapidly, and it will be too late for you to think of countermeasures on the sidelines. Maybe your countermeasures will not be available at all.
But he never thought that his team would be scored twice by his opponent in just two minutes!
It is difficult for this situation to happen in AC Milan, which is closely guarded.
Carlo Ancelotti has nothing to do about what is happening in front of him but stare big eyes.
This situation should never have happened to AC Milan!
Taking time out of his busy schedule, Berlusconi came to the scene to watch the game and felt that he had made this decision today, which was really fucking stupid!
I shouldn’t fucking believe that damn media about the best time for revenge!
Is this a fucking revenge rhythm? !
Berlusconi’s face is not good, and Galliani, sitting next to him, is also sullen, which makes it look sinister and even darker.
Lotito, who was sitting next to them, was very excited. He couldn’t help but get excited and waved his fist.
He doesn’t care if he wins the Italian Prime Minister’s team.
He just want to feel such a wonderful moment.
Before the season, his team was laughed at and looked down upon by everyone. The team was struggling in the line of life and death, and I don’t know where the bad team is.
There are times like this!
Two goals were scored by defending champion AC Milan in two minutes!
Be proud, be proud!
Who can do this when Cassel and papadopulo coach the team? I can’t even fucking think about it!
He turned his attention to the visiting coach’s seat.
When david silva’s kick can make the kidney gland surge, the world wave will once again blow the football into the AC Milan goal, Chang Sheng will rush out with his arms raised.
Excited, he rushed straight into the stadium.
It’s like he scored his own goal. He did a somersault on the court!
Such a wild celebration is very eye-catching
He seems to prove that he is the "Milan nemesis" in this way!
His behavior caused the fans on the scene to hiss. Obviously, AC Milan fans are not used to winning and selling well.
The celebration of Changsheng, which is more exciting than the players, also made Changsheng overshadow the goal. Silva became the focus of the camera, and the commentators also teased Changsheng.
"I think after the game, I always win and welcome Milan to revenge! Ha! "
"Changsheng is really a personality coach. There are not many coaches who celebrate the goal … He did a China acrobatic!"
Silva’s goal stunned AC Milan players.
When the game resumed, they seemed a little distracted-obviously they didn’t expect to score two goals in two minutes …
Let them feel even more depressed and let AC Milan fans feel desperate. Lazio didn’t slow down after leading by two goals. They continued to attack and pursue goals!
They are not satisfied with a two-goal lead!
Now the score gives them more confidence to attack.
This game … looks like there are bound to be many goals …
Kaka AC Milan pulled back a city after half-time, which was also a long-range shot from outside the penalty area.
This goal let AC Milan fans see the hope and dawn of victory.
However, Lazio regained its two-goal lead with a series of dazzling matches and a third goal from Leigh vilani.
Then came off the bench, Inzaghi AC Milan pulled back another goal.
Tenacious AC Milan has rekindle that fighting spirit of Milan fan in the stands.
But this time their opponent Lazio was cold-hearted.
Rocchi scored twice in the next 20 minutes to fix the score at 52.
"An incredible game! Lazio beat AC Milan by such a big score away from home! Although the brave Milanese once chased the points to a goal … but they still lost … "
"Lazio is atypical in this game … they kept a fast-paced and high-intensity confrontation and cooperation in this game, which made AC Milan’s old defense line very uncomfortable … It is normal for this score to appear …"
"I think there is a question that we have been talking about for a long time, but this time it is more eloquent than other times. That is, AC Milan should consider upgrading their defense. We can’t always count on Cafu, Maldini, Stam and costacurta to support the team. Sta is the right age, but he is always injured. Now he can really defend himself with Kaladze … In the face of young and energetic opponents, we don’t need fresh blood in the defense … We can’t eat old Milan!"
At the end of the game, the commentators expressed their opinions on the game.
Many people think that this fiasco is a warning that AC Milan should upgrade the team that won the Champions League in 2223, and some people should abdicate to make way.
It’s time to rebuild a competitive team around Kaka’s core.
Especially in the season, although AC Milan reached the final, they lost to Mourinho and led Chelsea in the end.
AC Milan made a young rumble last season, and they made another rumble last season. Mourinho is really bent on being a green leaf and asking for nothing in return …
But it’s not good to be a background man all the time.
AC Milan must seriously think and reflect!
At the press conference after the game, Ancelotti was besieged by many media reporters in Milan. Everyone questioned his formation, his tactical arrangement, his on-the-spot command … and all his questionable questions.
Good old Ancelotti can say, "It’s all my fault. I’m sorry that we will seriously sum up the problem of this game …"
Such words
He really has nothing else to say.