At this time Ruan Jiu, Ding Chang, Yi Zhou and others also came over to Ning Yi. After hearing what Master Yu Qing said, he laughed, "It’s really good to be original. Half of them are parasitic orchids. This is a parasitic old tree, but the fairy house has not yet given me this little gift, but it has not bothered my fellow Taoist friends to point out the way. Such a small thing?"
Master Yu Qing laughed. "Of course, there is no problem. We just said that it is good to be here, but the flowers are so rich that we lose the tranquility of the monks. It would be nice if we could have some orchids embellished. Since Taoist friends want to plant orchids, we will naturally help. I have long heard that Taoist friends live alone in Dianchi Lake, and we are envious of the number of orchids. Today we can see it."
Ding Chang beside laughed. "I just smelled the fragrance of the orchid flying out of the sleeve of Taoist friends. I had already expected that Taoist friends would not plant it here if they wanted to come from different customs. Since there is such a good place, why don’t you Taoist friends go with you to enjoy youth?" These four monarchs, Mei, Lan, Zhu and Ju, have always been fond of monks. Today, they want to see Taoist orchids. "
Everyone said that they would like to thank Ning Yixun for a few words, and then they were led by Master Jade Qing to turn to the left side of Xianfu to see the caves and caves all the way, and the strange flowers of Yao grass here were the four seasons without thanks, such as spring, and the scenery became more beautiful after being rebuilt by Xianfa.
After flying for a while, I came to a foothill, and the immortals followed a mountain stream to the end of a cliff. Before I walked left, I suddenly saw a valley. In front of it, there was a pine and cypress forest, and most of them were sparse. The foliage was lush and green, like a green curtain. On the left, a broken pond water met from the stream in the middle of the stream at the top of Xianlai, and it was flat and wide.
Seeing such a quiet stream here, it’s clear that the creeping grass in the bottom of the water is pulling the green silk tree spring to make it extremely clean and entertaining. Ning Yi smiled and said, "This is just the right place for me to plant parasitic orchids."
As you say, there are slender green belts in the long sleeves, and the grass leaves fly out to the branches of the old pines and cypresses along the way. Then he waves his sleeves again and a piece of clear light falls, and the fragrance is fragrant and fragrant. Everyone looks intently at the parasitic orchid leaves hanging in two or three feet.
Each branch has three or five flower stems. Orchids are as big as wine glasses, and there are more than ten flowers on each stem. Everyone is a practitioner. In the long life, in addition to practicing, they are doing things such as cultivating flowers, playing chess, refining medicines and manufacturing to enrich their lives. Orchids in flowers are very popular among everyone, but it is rare to see so many orchids at the same time.
B Hugh said, "The number of exotic orchids in the hundreds of miles of Dianchi Lake is more than a thousand. This is one of them. Although it is a beautiful flower, it has been cultivated by Ning Yi’s method of friendship with immortals. Hugh said that ordinary people may not be able to find such a neat place in famous mountains and immortals everywhere. He is famous for loving orchids like a man. Collecting orchids is a summary of all people."
Ruan Jiu also laughed, "It’s true. Although I have been practicing for thousands of years, I haven’t seen many orchids today, and it’s not as good as the variety here. Ding Shimei likes orchids best. There are dozens of species in Lingjiao Palace, except Zhu Lan, which is from heaven. Most of them are people who often plant Taoist friends and exotic species. I wonder if they will give up their love?"
Ning was glad to see Ruan correct Ding Chang’s love for Lan when he heard everyone’s praise, so he laughed. "Ding Daoyou dared not accept my life when he saw the reward. There are more than 500 kinds left in my sleeve, which is really rare. However, the planting of the eleventh and twelfth barren houses is slightly noticeable except Zhu Lanyou’s giving it away, and each kind is brought here."
After a while, my department will plant seeds and then ripen and seed them. After the meeting, you can give them to Ding Daoyou. If you cultivate other kinds, you can exchange them with each other. "
Ding Chang laughed nearby. "It’s all the big brothers who rap and insult Jiahui. Since Taoist friends are generous, I also report that there are still a few flowers in my basket." Chen Wenwen takes flowers with her. These are the exotic species of Lingjiao Palace. As you can see just now, it is quite beautiful. Ning Yi is naturally happy and grateful.
The immortals walked through the pine path and turned to the back valley. When Ning saw the cliff on the left and the clouds on the right, there was a big valley on the other side, and a very magnificent waterfall came from the far source like a jade dragon, and suddenly fell for several feet in the half-stream. The water suddenly developed into a gentle current, and the water was gurgling in the distance.
Here, when the mountains are as beautiful as flowers, there are good birds singing in the flowers on both sides of the strait. It’s very peaceful and comfortable to set off the scenery. The Xie family and two women have been in the mountains for a hundred years. When they see so many birds, they smile and ask Master Jade Qing, "How can so many birds withstand the earthquake?" Isn’t it another magic illusion? "
Master Jade Qing laughed. "Of course, it’s not because of me. Here, the fish and birds in the fairy mansion are all collected by Qi Lingyun, Zhou Qingyun, Ji Jinchan and others in their leisure time. Other younger brothers in the door are also young and good. Every time they go out, they look around for a bearded fairy. A disciple rode his master crane away to find different species in the vast mountains, which led to more and more breeding.
I didn’t panic until I heard their teachers say that the government was going to smelt mountains and rivers, but I didn’t want to let them out. They all had their own jobs and couldn’t be busy at once, so they asked me to think together. Because there were too many fish in the water, especially, it was difficult to get a lot of things, so I took these birds and fish in several places and concentrated on management until the Xianfu was rebuilt. "
Just as she said, Ningyi over there has planted more than 500 orchids in the rock valley, and it is really fragrant and colorful. People don’t see different kinds of rare things. It is very better to ask everyone to wait less, and then to do something about each kind of flower. Three or five fruits fall together and collect them. Ding Chang Ding Chang smiled and ordered him to take care of Tsing Yi’s income basket.
In Song Chang Gung’s side, besides Shen Ruolan’s favorite flowers and trees in Guihua Mountain, Princess Changping, Song Chang Gung’s eldest brother, was also a flower lover. In those days, she used to plant flowers to send away loneliness. After practicing, her life was long. Although things were troublesome because of managing her younger brother, she still loved flowers in the Black Knife Gorge in Beihai, where she lived.
Just now, I was moved by the sight of such a beautiful flower, but she knew that her status was too low. Now, seeing Ning Yi gave such a blue seed to Ding Chang, she was envious. She was nothing to do. The girl couldn’t do it. She was envious and eager for a natural face. Since Gan Biwu decided to join Song Changgeng, it is natural to pay attention to the people around him.
A woman is cautious, Song Chang-geng is careless, but she can see that Princess Changping is eager. She also knows that this eldest brother, Princess Changping, and his younger brother, Zi Xuanfeng, the leprechaun Jade Butterfly, are the most valued by Song Chang-geng. Changping likes her so much that she just goes over and whispers a few words to Ning Yi and Ding Chang after a moment of hesitation.
Both of them are one leng Ding Chang and Ning Yilue. After consulting, they nodded, and then Lang said to everyone, "I know that you all like to spend flowers here, orchids and flowers there are good. If you want to come, you still prefer it. Now that everyone can see the government together here, it is fate. After consulting with Ning Yiyou, I decided to give birth to more kinds. Just say what you want."
This flower is fragile because it is cultivated by magic, and the soil here is fertile and full of aura. If a large number of spells give birth to these flowers, they won’t live long. Although everyone likes them, they don’t ask for them. But now Ding Chang can’t help but wonder if this is not exhausting. Or do they have any good ways not to hurt the source of flowers and plants?
See everyone see their Ding Chang laughed, "I know everyone is surprised that I do not exhaust ze and fish? In fact, it’s very simple. I have a panacea that can supplement the aura and nutrition of plants and animals. This will enable them to bear more seeds without damaging the source. I dare to say this. If you want, please point out what you like. "
Everyone naturally wants a moment of chaos, and opinions vary. Of course, the chaos is that young people like Yi Zhou and Yi Xiu naturally want to have a superior demeanor. While enjoying orchids, they are watching their brothers scrambling to say that they want to take a second break and look back. I can’t help but wonder that Songshan’s parents are gone
Turning to the spirit around him, he smiled, "Bai and Zhu are short, and they have been working hard in the office these days. They are more concerned than their own affairs. Just now, they are still here, and now they suddenly disappear. Surely there are tricks again?"
Day spirit shook his head. "I think they just followed the two monsters, the lack of land and the disability of the day, and didn’t know what to do?" Speaking of which, these two guys don’t come out all the year round. I don’t know what came out this time.
I didn’t pay much attention to watching them when I saw them suddenly escaping from the back of the hill, but I saw that they were going to show off what to eat and which Taoist friend was scared back. At that time, I saw two dwarfs in Songshan. Seeing that their eyes were wrong, they seemed to be plotting to figure out what day they were disabled and lack of land. I didn’t like orchids. I just looked at them for a while and left for two dwarfs to chase them. "
Half of the old man said, "When these two people fled back, I once saw a flash of Fentuo’s friends’ breath, but I didn’t know it was a little connected with them. Speaking of it, Kongtong Mountain was once a famous mountain, but now it is occupied by a group of demons. It’s a good thing that the disabled and the lack of land among those people. I heard that the king of Xuanyuan was the most arrogant recently. I don’t know what treasure to plot Kongtong Mountain this time?"
The thirtieth volume Interests togeher Chapter three hundred and seventy-five Bayeux Buddhist Scriptures
This made Song Changgeng’s heart move, just as Lao Ni said. Kongtong Mountain was once a famous mountain in the field of cultivation. There were many celebrities who practiced there and left many treasures after the ascent or extinction. The most famous one was Xuanyuan Huangdi’s division Guangcheng, where his golden boat was left. Later, in the Han Dynasty, it was banned by a group of monks before flying to Yuanjiang.
And many other legacy treasures are hidden without a strong ban. It’s hard to present them without a chance. After listening to half of Lao Ni’s words, Song Changgeng suddenly remembered that Songshan Erdwarf was plotting something about Kongtong Mountain. There is a Buddhist treasure there, and it must be Songshan Erdwarf if he wants to win the treasure.
However, the territory there is just a remnant of the sky and the lack of land. How to deal with it as a threat or an inducement is not Song Changgeng’s heart. He thinks that there are many treasures left by the predecessors of Master Daxiong buried in that treasure, the most precious of which is a Buddhist sutra, the Baye Buddhist Sutra, which belongs to the Mahayana Sutra of Buddhism.
Song Chang-geng’s own Bai Hua Xia Wen can last for several times. When the national government was destroyed and the nation was ruled by the foreign patriarch, it still kept developing and getting stronger after the massacre. There are many reasons, the most important of which is that this culture can be absorbed by it and finally transformed into its own things.
The same is true of Buddhist culture. Before the Han Dynasty, many terms and habits did not exist in the Chinese nation, but after the Han Dynasty, with the exhibition of Buddhism, many things have been integrated into this nation and become its national characteristics, such as cause and effect, fate, magic and the heavens, temples, monks, hell, The six great divisions in the wheel of karma and so on, which did not exist in the pre-Han culture but later became a part of life.
In addition to the distinction between big and small multiplication, Buddhism has many branches, such as Zen Buddhism and tantric Buddhism, which have become China’s own things, and then spread to the world with China characteristics. This is the most typical example of the absorption and transformation of Chinese language. In all kinds of classics of induced abortion Buddhism, the theoretical basis of Buddhism does not involve magic.