This second-generation elder happens to be a predecessor of the Yang family.
In the process of destroying the door, the elder took away the multi-treasure box first, but lied that the multi-treasure box had been taken away by a remnant in the small clan, and the clan naturally would not have lost a very fake treasure, so he suspected a second-generation elder
This extremely fake treasure was brought back to the secret of Yang’s family in Yang Jiacheng by the second generation elder.
It is precisely because of this that Yang Honghai didn’t dare to make this extremely fake treasure in Zongmen. After all, there are many elders who recognize this extremely fake treasure in Zongmen, but there is no such concern in the trial site. Naturally, he can rest assured that he can make it boldly.
The most important thing about the multi-treasure box is that it can hold a large number of fake treasures. The higher the number of fake treasures, the more fake treasures it can hold up to 20 fake treasures, and the power is not necessarily weaker than the extremely fake treasures.
However, Yang Honghai’s lack of repair can now control up to ten fake treasures. Even so, he turned pale and the immortal strength in his body was faintly unstable.
"Ha ha! Don’t stop! Today, let you see the power of our Yangjiaduo box! Go to hell for me! "
Yang Honghai gave a hard push for the golden box with ten handles. Jin Jian scoffed at Mo Xiu and his face became more complacent. He didn’t believe that Mo Xiu could block ten handles of Jin Jian with a fake treasure that could not play its power.
However, the next scene made Yang Honghai’s face crack
Seeing Mo Xiu slightly urging a pale yellow jade card in his hand, sixteen blue puppets were erected around Yang Honghai!
As soon as the jade puppet appeared, it swooshed and jumped on the flying sword.
A handle of Jin Jian was severely chopped in a jade puppet, which made a huge sound of gold and iron. With the overflowing of gold spirit, the fallen leaves were blown up all over the sky, and the jade puppet in Jin Jian also retreated several meters each.
It turned out to be the same!
Several other Jin Jian handles were also blocked by jade puppets.
This made Yang Honghai’s heart cold and fierce, suggesting that Jin Jian, the ten handles of the multi-treasure box, danced around trying to attack Mo Xiu from other directions. However, how could Mo Xiu endure his success? Twelve jade puppets flew around and beat Jin Jian firmly to protect themselves, and at the same time, they suggested that the remaining four jade puppets swooped down on Yang Honghai.
Yang Honghai immediately lost his soul and immediately mobilized the flying sword to fly back to his side and cut it to the jade puppet, which only slightly blocked the jade puppet attack.
Moxiu naturally won’t miss this good opportunity. Sixteen jade puppets are beating the flying sword.
Although Yang Honghai tried to stop it, the number of Nai jade puppets far exceeded the number of flying swords. After a while, five flying swords were severely smashed, and Moxiu jade puppets also lost four more, and several flying swords were also injured!
With five flying swords left, Yang Honghai’s defense against Moxiu’s attack was finally swept away by a jade puppet in another attack, and he stopped moving after a few convulsions.
And losing the owner’s flying sword also called back and fell to the ground.
Until now, Mo Xiucai breathed a little sigh of relief, but before he could relax, his wisdom brain suddenly scanned a spiritual force fluctuation.
This spiritual force fluctuation is just a few meters behind him!
Chapter one hundred and three Mystery man sneak attack
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What makes Mo Xiu’s heart faint is that the wisdom brain feels the fluctuation of that spiritual force, but no image is found at all!
Can avoid the wisdom brain scan!
Don’t dare to stay. Don’t stop immediately. Start climbing boots, and at the same time, send your legs full of strength. When you climb a figure mercilessly, if you leave a line in the air, you will flash to one side.
Almost at the same time, a long rotating wind blade suddenly shot out of the void, screaming and crashing into the ground where Mo Xiu was located.
The broken leaves blew up and the soil splashed all over the ground.
Feel this crazy momentum dozens of meters away Moxiu face a slight change.
This turned out to be a top Tao!
Mo Xiu couldn’t help but secretly wipe a cold sweat. Fortunately, he has a smart brain scan to find that weak spiritual force fluctuation just now. It would be doubtful for others to be afraid of being suddenly attacked by such a top Taoist method!
Think about it a little bit more. Mo Xiu’s heart makes the top Taoist spirit fluctuate slightly, but it is extremely strong, but this person can suppress it almost out of sight. This person must have a fake treasure that can hide his breath, and this fake treasure should still be extremely fake, otherwise the root method will do it.
Mo Xiu immediately thought of the dress that was shot at Zongmen auction meeting, which just had these characteristics.
When this dress was photographed at the auction meeting, it was Mo Xiu’s sworn enemy Shi Hongjie!
Thought of here don’t take eyes slightly narrowed cold drink a "ShiHongJie! Must be sneaky! Come out for me! "
However, there is no other sound around except the whirlwind whistling caused by the wind blade, as if there were really no people here.
Mo Xiu’s eyes were slightly cold, and he immediately started to scan around the deep wisdom brain scan. However, to his surprise, the deep wisdom brain scan even found the slightest trace of the other party.
This made Mo Xiu feel a little cold in his heart and immediately decided to do a good job of self-protection. He had to be attacked by the other side again and scanned by the wisdom brain to monitor the surrounding movements. At the same time, his hands slightly prompted the jade puppet to respect the jade brand, which was still not completely damaged. Twelve jade puppets jumped in front of him and surrounded him in a circle to firmly protect him.
At the same time, Mo Xiu turned his wrist and took out a glittering Taoist symbol. Judging from the fluctuation of Taoist spirit, it turned out to be a top Taoist symbol
This is a test. The venerable Jin Jian specially refined the immortal golden body charm of the top Dao for several younger brothers, and the venerable Jin Jian took special care of Moxiu. Ten pieces were given to other younger brothers, but twenty were given to Moxiu.
Moxiu never encountered any threat before, so he never couldn’t move the golden charm, but now he can’t help it
When the right hand is rubbed and crushed, the golden body is indestructible, and the huge golden spirit is scattered all over Moxiu, and a piece of golden light flows slowly. At first glance, it looks like a golden cocoon.
Mo Xiu is doing these protections, but he doesn’t know that the other side is secretly complaining about the sneak attack on others.
This person is Shi Hongjie, and he found that Yang Honghai was also after Mo Xiu, so he made a plan to sit quietly and follow Yang Honghai all the way here, and quietly sneaked behind Mo Xiu while the two men were fighting just now, waiting for the result to be separated.
Although Mo Xiu’s means surprised him a little, after all, Mo Xiu didn’t fight him, and he had to finally cast a sneak attack. On how many means Mo Xiu had, he was able to get all the fake treasures of Mo Xiu, which not only didn’t scare Shi Hongjie off, but also made him vaguely excited.
It was not until Mo Xiu finally defeated Yang Honghai that Shi Hongjie seized the opportunity to immediately hit a top-level symbol.
However, he didn’t think that Mo Xiu had discovered that his sneak attack could still escape from life and death!
This made Shihongjie secretly angry, and at the same time, he regretted that he shouldn’t have to wait for the winner before he made a move. If Mo Xiu fought with Yang Honghai, he would have sneaked away, but now the sneak attack may be greatly reduced.
You know, only when others are on guard can the clothes be maximized, otherwise, once others are on guard, the clothes will be greatly weakened.
Now Moxiu is on guard!
If you only rely on your own means to fight Shihongjie hard, you are not sure. Just now, he saw clearly that Yang Honghai was not necessarily weaker than him, but he was easily killed by Mohu. Well, his chances of winning are not too high.
Thought for a moment shihongjie secretly bullet root no longer continue to pester yourself to add a flying skill to fly away.
Moxiu didn’t find this situation. Seeing each other, there was neither attack nor current. I couldn’t help but swish out hundreds of primary Taoist symbols in the sword box and shoot them all around.
Poop, poop, poop.