Wow, Gong Gongsun marvels at how this looks like jade. It’s so big. If we can get it back, we’ll make a fortune.
Pa my grandpa slapped Gong Gongsun on the back of his head. Will you die if you don’t remember money for a rest day?
Gongsun vomited a tongue and made a small move to hit my grandfather.
Professor Li has reached the edge of the stone stage, stretched out his hand and touched it for a while. After looking at it for a few times, he said it was a white jade stone stage. It is really rare to see such a large piece of white jade. Even now it can be said that it is glad you came.
How did you find out that my grandfather looked at Mo Yibai and asked.
I feel that Mo Yibai said something that people can’t believe.
My grandfather looked at Mo Yibai and frowned. You can shape the ladder. You are so obsessed.
Mo Yibai gave me a white look and said that even death can’t let him do anything.
Are you talking about me? I was stunned. That look was talking about me. Even death can’t make me work.
My grandfather looked at Mo Yibai, and after a long silence, he hugged Mo Yibai with tears in his eyes and said, I’m sorry, son.
Not coming with you is what I should guard. Don’t push my grandfather coldly for nothing.
I can’t understand what they are saying at all, but they all know what each other is saying. I feel like I’m in the dark again. Although I feel bad, I don’t care much about it this time. The more I feel that people seem to be turning around in my center, the more I feel that everyone’s efforts seem to be helping me live.
This feeling makes me have nothing to care about. They don’t want to say that things are always their own.
Long Lao, when did you become so emotional? Tell me what a ladder is. What can he walk like this? Gong Sun grabbed my grandfather and asked.
Why do you ask so many questions? My grandfather glared at Gong Sungong and said, isn’t the ladder just a shapeless ladder? Can you form a ladder? People must be very persistent, saying that they have to do something to abandon their lives, so that people can climb through the ladder. This kind of thing is not common, and you can’t imagine it one day.
My grandfather has reached the edge of the white jade stone platform as he explains it.
Let people come and ask for the stone table. Professor Li doesn’t know when he has climbed on the stone table.
What is this tattoo? A group of people have also run back and asked when they saw the stone stage.
White jade stone platform leads to the main tomb handling platform. Cut the crap. If you want to go to the main tomb, come to me, my grandfather said
Gong Sungong and I have turned over the stone stage. It seems inconvenient for Ma Xiaolan to wear cheongsam. I stretched out my hand and pulled it.
Thank you, Ma Xiaolan. It’s rare to be polite and let me adapt.
The white jade stone stage is not very big. My grandfather asked the tattoo to stay for a few people and then let them come.
Tattoos looked at it, but they couldn’t come, so they called several right-hand men, and then put the others on standby. At the same time, they also said to us, Don’t play tricks. Chapter 30 Wang Yang Pavilion
When everyone settled on the stone platform, it took a long time for the stone platform to move.
Tattoo swearing asked why nothing happened. Is it playing tricks on people?
Just when we all looked at each other, we felt as if our feet had fallen for a while, and then the fierce man fell with the stone stage
It’s estimated that it fell for two or three seconds, and we suddenly stopped from the stone platform. As soon as we saw us in a relatively barren stone room, it was dark in the stone room. Most of us looked at the miner’s lamp and lit it up.
We kept jumping from the stone platform, and when everyone jumped, the stone platform sank.
We didn’t care about the stone platform, but observed a stone room.
This stone wall is made of white jade, which makes my grandfather and Professor Li, two well-informed people, exclaim. Where is this stone room? It is a white jade room.
The 70-square-sized rooms are all made of white jade, whether it’s stepping on flagstones or walls, or the ceiling. This big place doesn’t look like a building, but more like a piece of white jade carved by a skillful craftsman.
I can’t help but wonder. I stretched out my hand and touched the wall. It feels exactly like white jade.
Professor Li said that it is really rare that white jade should be so general, which is incredible.
After all, it’s heaven. Gongsun can’t find words to form this discovery.
A group of people, no matter we or tattooers, have never seen so many white jade. Everyone touches the wall, and everyone’s face is obsessed. It is true that the price of white jade is very high in the market, and there are so many white jade here that it is enough for everyone to give it to a generation. Who will not be moved when they see this thing?
Even the terrifying face showed a surprised expression, and even the hell didn’t have such a big place.
The only face that doesn’t show any expression is my grandfather.
The two men looked at the white jade and seemed indifferent, but looked at the only door in the room.
Just as we were about to walk towards the door, a scream stopped us.
Looking back, I saw that the white jade platform appeared again, but there were tattoos on the surface. Everyone’s face was still confused.
Don’t hurry up and give it to me. With the tattoo, a few people rushed to jump on the white jade table.
Everyone is here, so let’s go. We have reached the door, my grandfather said.
In this way, a group of us opened the door, and behind it, we saw a piece of Wang Yang.
And the only passage ahead is a pavilion.
We all froze there. How could this place be such a large area of water? From a distance, there is no end in sight.