Leon’s legs suddenly started and rushed to his opponent without warning.
Shehuhu Leon drew his magic sword and cut it sharply at his opponent
The other side came to prepare against Leon’s magic attack, but didn’t guard against Leon’s sword. In a hurry, they could take a staff to defend themselves.
Leon’s sword strongly hit the stave, and with the help of magic, the horse got rid of the stave and flew. Leon raised his mouth, and his stave hit his opponent’s chest hard. Then Leon hit his opponent with a chain of legs and kicked him to the ground.
Asshole, didn’t you say aggressive magic? The other party fell to the ground and said
Isn’t auxiliary magic magic magic? Leon replied slyly
The outcome is split. Leon wins one more game.
Sal, the core observation area for evaluating this magician, suddenly asked President Sikelman who had just returned to the core observation area.
Leon, he is a descendant of a famous magical city, Sikelman replied.
Sal nodded and said that he would become an important force in our Suzaku Corps in a few days.
Lord sal has taken a fancy to Diawi and sat there and said
Lord Chikford can order one, so I should be able to do it, too. Sal’s answer is still so gloomy
Zeke Fred did pull Randall’s idea, but Sal didn’t expect it to be seen through so quickly.
Randall is a talented person, but the key still depends on how other people’s tactical lessons are. After all, marching and fighting is not a single fight, but Zik Fred replied.
Sal nodded somberly, and his expression now matches the weather, which is quite suitable.
Ayers, why don’t you test Leon? Sal suddenly called a name.
The virgin, who had been waiting in Sal, walked into the core observation area at this moment, and respectfully said that it was the head of the Variega Army that needed a few mana.
Sal looked up and said, just don’t get hurt. Don’t underestimate that small one. If you lose, you will lose face.
It belongs to adults. I’ll do it
Zeke Fred turned his head and asked Lord Sal, who is this?
I belong to a thousand horsemen of Islang Suzaku Legion.
Diavi’s corner swept away Qi Ke Fu De Qi Ke Fu De, and immediately understood Diavi’s meaning in the famous care unit of the Magician Thousand Riders Long Unit of Suzaku Corps.
Chapter 36 Assessment V
When Ayers Lang stood opposite Leon, the rain suddenly increased.
Leon looked at the sky and then at his eyes, and his opponent suddenly gave me a sneer. This damn weather didn’t give me any noodles.
Islang is about 3 years old, his eyes are deep in the tip of his nose, and a magician’s cloak floats behind him. Leon observes that his opponent is not taking the initiative at this time.
Rosefinch Corps Elslang teaches.
When everyone came to the venue, they didn’t see the Ayers sign, and they doubted the origin of this person. Until now, he signed up, he didn’t know it.
Everyone didn’t say much nonsense because of the rain, waiting for the new magician to show his strength.
Leon suddenly had his smirked face. He seemed to notice something.
Elves are so active. Leon’s words
The more active the elf activities, the stronger the ability of the wizard on the opposite side. This is for everyone, and Leon has to be careful. His opponent is obviously difficult to deal with now.
Leon Reissell Kiri instructed Leon to say this sentence suddenly in a cold tone.
The wind has increased, and the wind mixed with rain shadows is ringing the visual hearing of everyone.
Something is wrong with the rain. Randall suddenly said to Lance
Lance was holding the bar, and when he realized the meaning of Randall’s words, Leon suddenly did something to hide and flash.
Had a narrow squeak unexpectedly under the guise of wind and rain, Leon, the wind blade, suddenly said to me
Looks like you’re still alert, Ayers said in a low voice
Too much paving, too much effort to increase the sound of wind and rain, too much gilding the lily, Leon suddenly criticized
Islang raised the staff, the staff and the crystal ball suddenly flashed a light, and several wind blades came at Leon like knife light.
Leon tightened his nerves and raised his staff, saying the spell quickly.
One by one, small bubbles stood in front of Leon, and the wind blade collided with the middle bubbles, and the spray scattered like a fountain.
Yes, I understand. I increase the rain to defend my magic. Ayers said slowly
The wind blade mage who can play several times at a time is not an ordinary person, and Leon rarely compliments his opponent
Ayers didn’t talk much. Maybe he didn’t talk much when he came. He raised his cloak behind him and slowly descended, and the wind and rain gradually recovered.
Don’t you show off too much? Do you feel a little more rain? Leon asked.
Although it’s only a few minutes’ wind and rain, the magician who can start this series must never carve a worm to shape it.