"The police officer, you’d better save your worry and go directly to catch the real murderer!" Jiang Yue’s eyes are cold when Dong Ran falls down. "I think she should be the murderer, so you should arrest her!"
Muming took a sip of her mouth gently. She was sitting next to a chair in the cold. Both of them squinted at this side and didn’t know what she was thinking. She bowed her head and asked, "Ghost elder sister, who do you think is this murderer? Is it really that Dong Ran? Several other people really have no suspicion? "
She said that the voice pressure was so low that people couldn’t hear anything at all, and Muming could hear it white.
Mu Ming’s eyes narrowed slightly, and when he looked at the cold, he said, "There are some things that the murderer will hide his mood just because of this, don’t you think?"
"I am white!" Yu Han whispered again, "Sister Ghost, you mean to say that Officer Gu actually said this on purpose to make the murderer take it lightly?"
"Well," Mu Ming answered a lab, and the smell filled his nose. It was not very good, but the smell seemed to be stronger because of the large number of people.
Yu Han silently said, "You still know the police officer best. I don’t understand!"
Mu Ming’s lip corners were stained with a faint smile, which didn’t explain, and there was no rest of the smile. The corners of his mouth were gently raised. "There are still many things you need to learn from in the cold, just learn slowly."
Everything has to be learned slowly by yourself, not overnight.
Yu Han heard a heavy nod of his head. "Ghost sister, you said I was white!"
Gu Jingke looked at Dong Ran and said, "Who is the murderer or do we want the police to make a conclusion? It’s not who you three say is who."
"You three sit together and everyone has a chance to poison, even your oral testimony can’t say anything."
Gu Jingke set his eyebrows and said, "Dong Ran has a toxic motive. You said before that she likes Jiang Xu. It may be because of self-interest that she wants to kill Jiang Xu so that she can rob Jiang Xu."
Dong Ran pinched his fingers in this instant and hung his head beside him. "Officer, no matter what you say, I still have to say a fair word to myself. I hope you won’t think me so mean!"
"It’s hard for this person to say that people’s hearts are even harder to guess. I believe you can understand this sentence?" Cheng Man said coldly, "I can also say that I am not that mean, but once I am mean, I am not a person, am I?"
Dong Ran was slightly stuck. She didn’t expect this policewoman to form herself like this, which made her feel a little overwhelmed. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Officer, since you said so, I have nothing to say."
Cheng Man clapped his hands and said, "The criminal suspect is not saying that he is not qualified to argue, but some arguments are very powerful. If you don’t make this clear, it is actually a mistake."
Blind refutation seems to have no flaws, but it also has the most flaws, but there are more rigorous refutation flaws!
That will make people think that those people have made up their minds. If there is no flaw, it will make people feel a little weird and unusual. Maybe this is because the police are a little suspicious.
Gu Jingke held out his hand and adjusted his sleeves and asked, "Maybe you are desperately trying to pull each other out because of some private holidays. I wonder if I am wrong?"
The three men turned red, and Gu Jingke said yes, they really thought so. How could they say that the other side was not good if it wasn’t for a holiday?
"Officer, you are right." Song Jie mumbled something. Although he is a man, it is the first time to see him so narrow-minded.
Gu Jingke gently pulled his lips and smiled faintly. "You want each other to be detained by the police because of private holidays, so you will feel better?"
"Officer, you don’t say that. You’re right, but we can’t help it, can we? Who makes us all poor people? " Jiang Yue said slowly with a sad face, "We have our ideas."
"What you think like this is like hurting each other." Gu Jingke slightly picked his eyebrows. "Jiang Yue has motive, Dong Ran has motive, and Song Jie has motive."
A few people slightly shook the earthquake. This sentence is unnatural in the ear.
Gu Jingke is a light smile "including Jiang Xu is also motivated …"
"impossible!" Dong Ran retorted as always, but this time Gu Jingke glanced at her coldly and said, "Is it possible that it’s not your call?"
"Dong Ran, sometimes your rebuttal seems to make people feel guilty." Gu Jingke narrowed his eyes. "Or did you see something you shouldn’t have seen?"
I didn’t expect Gu Jingke to ask Dong Ran such a question. "No, no … I didn’t see anything and I didn’t know anything!"
Gu Jingke hooked his lips. There seem to be many flaws in this sentence.
"You don’t know?" Gu Jingke asked doubtfully, "Then what’s your expression that makes people dream?"? If you don’t see something, it seems that you are sorry for your own performance ability … "
Dong Ran was more stiff and stared. "What do you mean?"
Gu Jingke chuckled, "Dong Ran, don’t you think it’s better to always explain yourself?"
Dong Ran bite bite lips show that Gu Jingke is know what, but that sentence is very bad for Jiang Xu situation but she doesn’t want this!
Gu Jingke shook her head slightly when she still didn’t speak. "If I didn’t guess wrong, you might have seen Jiang Xu do something, such as making you feel surprised and suspicious."
"No, no!" Dong Ran still retorted that he shook his head and killed him, but he didn’t want to admit it, but it was Jiang Xu who said coldly, "Dong Ran doesn’t know what I did to make you suspicious? Please tell me one! "
Dong Ran heard Jiang Xuyin’s body froze and speechless. She bit her teeth and her lips were almost bitten by her for a long time before she gently said, "I didn’t see anything."
"I really didn’t see anything?" Gu Jingke asked a question: How could Dong Ran not see anything like this? I’m afraid few people believe it when it comes out …
People in the laboratory will not believe that Dong Ran didn’t see anything and won’t believe this * * lie!
"I really didn’t see the police officer. I have already said this. I don’t know what else you are dissatisfied with?" Dong Ran got up and aggressive way "or do you have to admit what I saw before you willingly? Or do you want me to say that Jiang Xu is the murderer? Or do you police have reached the point where you like to frame people! "
A few aggressive words made Wei Xiaoguang’s heart angry. What is all this?
Ask a few questions and throw the torch at the police? Is it true that the police are not people who deserve the blame?
This is all bullshit!
"Dong Ran, how can you talk when you keep your mouth clean?" Wei Xiaoguang snorted and Dong Ran was not to be outdone. "Did I say something wrong? I’m not wrong. You’re just telling the truth. Maybe you police can’t even tell us the truth? "
Wei Xiaoguang also wanted to say something, but he was stopped by Cheng Man’s eyes. Wei Xiaoguang’s fingers shook tightly and his eyes were slightly pulled at the corners of Chen Jun’s mouth not far away.
And Chen Jun is also the most white. He lifted his hand and patted his shoulder. "You just didn’t hear this woman. Anyway, I have seen many such unreasonable women."
Wei Xiaoguang snow winked at Chen Jun and said, "You’re right. I’ll take it as if I didn’t hear you."
Chen Jun chuckled "white is good" and he turned to the cold and made a wink with a smile.
"The police don’t like framing people, but it’s not unbelievable that you have to say so." Gu Jingke narrowed his eyes and looked at Jiang Xudao. "Since you have something to catch, don’t talk about what you did that makes people feel misunderstood?"
"What can I do?" Jiang Xu was puzzled and asked, then frowned and said, "Dong Ran, you’d better make it clear what you saw me do?"
He didn’t know what Dong Ran meant. He didn’t do anything, but Dong Ran …
Dong Ran looked at Jiang Xu’s mouth and it was very difficult to look like "I have been to the toilet, but I saw you …"
"What do I do?" Seeing that she stopped talking, Jiang Xu was so anxious that he was so wronged. Don’t feel so bad in his heart.
"I saw you adding something to the popcorn!" Dong Ran couldn’t look into Jiang Xu’s eyes when she finished talking. She just went to the toilet and then saw Jiang Xuhang at the corner of the toilet door.