Zhang Zhongjing has been holding Zhou Cang’s wrist all the time, that is, he can feel the poisonous insect at the first time. At this time, he just found the movement of the poisonous insect. Zhang Zhongjing immediately ordered it in Zhou Cang, just like acupuncture.
Acupoints have always been mysterious things. Some acupoints look very ordinary, but they can often be fatal.
Zhang Zhongjing ordered five or six times on Zhou Cang’s body in a row and then said to Dr. Zhang, "I have fixed the poisonous insect in the abdomen. Do you see what I can do?"
"See" Zhang Ji nodded his head.
Li She didn’t find anything strange about Zhou Cang. She was still asleep.
At this moment, Zhou Cang suddenly opened his eyes and put his hands on his abdomen and cried miserably. His face was ferocious and he thought that tough guys like Zhou Cang were curled up in pain, so we can know what pain Zhou Cang was experiencing.
"Yuan Fu, what’s wrong with you!" Li involved bewildered call way
"Don’t be a little friend. Straighten him up and I’ll kill the poisonous insect!" Zhang Zhongjing hurriedly way
"Ah, good!" Li She immediately righted Zhou Cang and hit Zhou Cang with both hands covering his abdomen.
Zhang Zhongjing was about to observe when Zhou Cang screamed miserably and covered his abdomen with his hands. This is a move. Now Zhou Canggen has no consciousness nerve occupied by pain.
Zhou Cang’s strength is too great for Li Shegen to take Zhou Cang’s hand. "Chi Cai, come and help!"
The strength of the two is still not Zhou Cang, Li is in a hurry, and going to Zhou Cang like this will be over.
However, I didn’t expect that the little boy Zhang Yi shot at Zhou Cang’s right shoulder and suddenly punched him on the left shoulder. Li She immediately absolutely Zhou Cang pressed his hand on his abdomen and was easily moved without strength.
"This?" Li she is not white. What’s going on?
"Hee hee, this is called Shoulder Well Point, and the arm will feel numb after receiving a severe blow." Zhang Yi said with a little pride that Li She immediately sent a thumb to Zhang Yi.
And Zhang Zhongjing stretched out his left hand and stuck it on Zhou Cang’s lower abdomen. Suddenly, he held the needle and his right hand flashed and stabbed it hard
The silver needle was half a foot long and almost plunged into Zhou Cang’s body, that is, a plunge in Zhou Cang immediately made no movement, his face was painful, his expression was effective and he fell asleep.
Zhang Zhongjing heaved a sigh of relief and slowly pulled out the silver needle.
"Is that enough?" Li involved hurriedly asked
Zhang Zhongjing lit the candlestick and put the silver needle in it to burn and disinfect and replied that "the deadly poisonous insect is dead"
Deadly poisonous insect? There is something strange about Li’s absolute words. "There will be no poisonous insects, right?"
"Did I say there was one?" Zhang Zhongjing asks.
Huh? Li sheyan
"Now wait for Ah Fu to bring the dog," said Zhang Zhongjing, putting the silver needle in the wooden box.
"I wonder if there are poisonous insects left?" Li she asked
Zhang Zhongjing didn’t answer, but asked, "Is his wound always red, swollen and purulent?"
"Yes, isn’t it?"
"Yes, the poisonous insect is in it. This poisonous insect will not harm people’s names, but it is not good to have several wounds that have been oozing," Zhang Zhongjing said.
So that’s it. Li She finally figured out that Zhou Cang’s wound has been like that all the time. It turned out that there were poisonous insects in it. How did Zhou Cang go through and how did she get so many poisonous insects?
Just after the first draft was copied, Father also came back. rhubarb dog was holding his tongue in his arms and looked tired.
Zhang Zhongjing had already prepared a pack of medicine for Ah Fu to pour into rhubarb dog and went to rhubarb dog. He immediately lost consciousness and fell down to "unload the big dog’s limbs."
Alfred immediately went to the backyard to find a knife and beheaded the big dog’s limbs. Zhang Zhongjing took the dog’s legs and put them in Zhou Cang’s three wounds not far away. Soon, he saw that each of Zhou Cang’s wounds had a snake bug crawling out and then got into the bloody dog’s legs.
Zhang Zhongjing immediately put the dog’s leg away. "All right, I’ll just pull the dead worm out with a laxative."
"Thank you, doctor!" Li shedao
Just after the treatment, Zhang Zhongjing gave the marching orders. "It’s okay. Now it’s getting late. Little friend, please go home quickly. I want to rest, too."
"It’s so small to leave now." When Li saw that Zhou Cang had done something, he would no longer stay, and he also got the first draft of the theory of injury and miscellaneous diseases
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