Although Cai Mao is not white, he can even be so eclipsed by Liu Biao, who is often resourceful in his heart. It must be unusual to have a dispute in his heart. After this, he must improve Li She hopes that Li She will not envy herself because of her previous self-management.
In the field, Li She Sun Jian’s two fists crossed, and Li She was accidentally beaten again.
Li involved in walking out of the crowd, and the injury of flying golden dragon immediately disappeared and rushed to Sun Jian. "Come again!"
Sun Jian punched the same story again, and Li called out, "Come again!"
What’s this picture? One person is hardcover, brave, fierce and afraid. It seems that he will fall down at any time, but he is beaten by this fast-falling person every time, and then he is brave and diligent again, and he is beaten again and again …
It has almost fallen into an infinite loop, in which Huang Xu sighs "Will it?"
Li Zhuang laughed. "You will know that the master will do this when you are still young."
Huang Xu nodded thoughtfully and set his eyes on Li She, who was beaten to fly again.
At the beginning, the first-class Baojia sent by Tao Qian to Li She was already in tatters, and the top good horse sent by Tao Qian was also killed by Sun Jian with a heavy punch.
Li She doesn’t know how many times he was beaten away. He has a belief in his heart. Don’t think about it.
Kill Sun Jian’s brother for revenge!
Body fly up high ear again is full of war wind blowing heard Sun Jian roared "chop suey! If I hadn’t been injured, I wouldn’t have been able to beat you up with an old punch … "It seems that I have said a word with great strength and vigorously breathed."
Li Sheyi Xi "Come again!"
"Little master! Not good! " Inevitably, Sun Ce was forced to come again, but Sun Ce was confident that he would be able to take this city and maybe give it to Sun Ce. Sun Ce could really take Jiangxia City, but the news of foot soldiers made Sun Ce immediately give up his plan to attack Jiangxia City.
"Little master! Master’s life is on the line, little Lord. Go and help … "
The words of the foot soldiers have not fallen. Sun Ce has killed the past with Han Dang and others and shouted, "Sun Bofu is here, who dares to hurt my father!"
Li She is just like Xiaoqiang, who can’t die. She never gives up. Sun Jian is angry, and the last spare capacity suddenly jumps to Li She.
Although Li She raised her arms to resist, it was still inevitable that her knees bent and she knelt on the ground. Sun Jian conveniently threw a leg and slammed Li She to the ground.
Li She was directly hit with a dizzy brain. Sun Jian raised his right fist and smashed it at Li She’s other people. If it is smashed, Li She will definitely not live.
Of course, it is impossible for Sun Jian to succeed. No one here can let Sun Jian succeed. Li Zhuangxing raised an arrow and shot through Sun Jian’s right arm. Another arrow was shot through Sun Jian’s left arm.
Four arrows were sent out in a row, and Sun Jian’s limbs were penetrated, giving off Yingying’s light, and the arrow disappeared.
At this time, lying on the ground, Li She also came to my senses and saw Sun Jian just around the corner. I didn’t want to jump up and punch Sun Jian in the chest.
Sun Jian is known as the Jiangdong Tiger’s fighting power, but at this time, it has already lost its resistance. Just now, the last spare capacity has been used against Li She, and Li Zhuang has completely lost four arrows in a row.
"Father, don’t panic!" Sun Ce danced around with a gun, and a group of Jiangdong valiant soldiers were on a roll, penetrating the west cool fighters to which Zhang Xiu belonged.
Eyes scanning found Sun Jian figure was about to shout suddenly a fist stretched out from behind Sun Jian, this is a bloody fist, a fist through the chest.
"ah! Father! "
"Young master, be careful!" Cheng Pu dragged his wounded leg and stabbed a cavalry man who attacked Sun Ce.
Hatred all over, eyes red, Sun Ce’s eyes fixed on a young man. "I’m going to kill you!"
Li involved hands holding a ball is still beating slightly heart face upwards kneeling roared "elder brother! Did you see it? I killed Sun Jian! I avenge you! "
"Master to" Huang Xu handed a tiger’s head broadsword to Li She.
Li She took it and cut Sun Jian’s head with a knife.
"Hey!" A tiger suddenly jumped into the target and pointed to Li She to be continued.
Chapter two hundred and ninety Unexpected joy
Tigers come out of the cage and are ferocious!
Li’s momentum suddenly changed, and the nine-day golden dragon protector went towards the tiger.
"Hey!" "Ang!"
Huxiao Longyin’s discoloration of heaven and earth naturally solved the problem that Li was defeated, and the dragon shadow turned into emptiness, and Li was injured and fell to the ground.
The tiger’s momentum remains unchanged and it still goes straight to Li She.
"beast!" Zhang Xiu dashed with a big gun.
"Sou" one by one, the light arrow has been inserted in front of the tiger and stopped the tiger’s footsteps. Zhang Xiu took the opportunity to stand in front of the tiger and inclined the gun point to lie on the ground behind Li’s alarm.
Unlike before, the tiger’s body is no longer overbearing, but murderous. The murderous look is surrounded by fierce behavior. A pair of big eyes are like red lanterns staring at Li She who fell to the ground.
"get out!" Sun Ce tearing people sink to this side.
Aggressive murder shows everything, pointing directly at Li She.
Cheng Pu, Han Dang followed behind and general Ling Cao took care of them. It can be said that these people have represented the strongest fighting power in Jiangdong now.
"hey!" Gan Ning spit out his mouth and was still dripping blood, so he rushed over with a sword. "I said that no one can step into this circle!"
Just now, Gan Ning was digging out the green bristlegrass, but he was distracted and let a tiger in. Gan Ning was very angry.
Sun Ce’s footsteps are firm and he doesn’t even look at Gan Ning
Although Li was seriously injured, he was very happy in his heart.
The hand is still warm, and the heart really tells Li She that she has avenged Wang Rui. There is another thing that Li She never expected.
Just now, the tiger threatened Li She’s potential to explode, but in a short moment, she sensed a breath, a breath of heaven and earth, and Li She didn’t know what it was, so let’s just call it aura.
Looking at the color and shadow, but lingering around the body, I feel nothing, and I can’t touch it when I breathe.
Although most of them are stubborn and run out, there are still a few who stay here and are absorbed by Li She, exercising the five internal organs and strengthening the six internal organs.
Then it was condensed in Dantian and transformed into Dantian. After that, it was absorbed by Li She again. After walking around Li She, it was silent in Dantian.
Moreover, Li She also has an illusion that these reiki can go to the place with her own mind and think of it. Li She immediately pulls her mind to control the reiki, and the reiki really follows Li She’s thoughts.
Li Shexi slowly led Reiki to his arms. When his arms and Sun Jian were fighting, they were already red and swollen and bruised.
Like ants biting on their arms, it hurts a little and itches a little, but it is more surprising that this aura is slowly repairing the injured body, although it is slow, it is better than nothing.
This reiki breath called by Li She is naturally what Guo Jia said. Li She actually broke through the most difficult thing in a fog. When she stepped into the virtual soul, she could be energetic and protective, and she could also be released outside.
Lucky Li she turned her head and saw that Zhang Xiu was blocking a white-spotted tiger in front of her. She wondered where a tiger came from in the battlefield. Look at the ferocity just now or a refined tiger. Is this the tiger Sun Jianshen Jiangdong? Is this the tiger Sun Jianti and Sun Jian a tiger essence?
Even Li She couldn’t help smiling at the thought of this. It’s not a journey to the West, and Sun Jian is not Xue Rengui.
Say that Xue Rengui is a white tiger and every body is a tiger.