Chapter DiYiSiGe past events
"Immortality?" Liao Jinghua shook his hand again and again after one leng. "No, no, no, nature has its own natural roots, so there can be no immortality."
"oh? Why did you come here? " Asked the duke
"Well, it’s a long story." Liao Jinghua sighed, and then he died like himself when he met a feather type in the capital, and he climbed the peak again to seek resurrection from the dead.
"I didn’t expect you to be an spoony," said the white-haired Lord with a sigh. "But it’s not so good to be born without climbing Tianzhu Peak."
"Don’t you have come here? There is no way out. You have gone all the way forward." Liao Jinghua shook her head and said, Quit? Are you kidding? Even if you want to get rid of your fears now, you may not be able to get away with it. Why don’t you go ahead and fight for strength and add some luck? Maybe you can really climb the summit.
"Come on, you have your own choice, but do you want to hear our story? How about you make a decision after listening? " The duke said with a smile
"Along the way, I have met all kinds of people who are cultivating truth, and they all have wonderful stories. If the duke is willing to say that he is all ears in nature," Liao Jinghua said with a smile.
The duke nodded with a smile and closed his eyes thoughtfully for a moment and a half. It seems that Liao Jinghua is not in a hurry. He always looked at the white-haired duke with a light smile.
"A thousand years ago …" The white-haired master’s voice was low and monotonous like a different person, like a stranger talking about a stranger.
"The emperor fought a vast territory and built a powerful empire, but he became sad after his aging body. He was very afraid of death. He wanted to sit in the emperor’s position forever and ever to expand his territory. So a man named Xu Furen gave an idea that Tianzhu Peak had immortals to find immortals to seek immortality medicine, so the emperor sent 500 boys and 500 girls to follow Xu Fushan’s Tianzhu Peak, and he was hiding all kinds of evil beasts. Most men and women died at the mouth of the beast or died in various disasters. Along the way, the Xiuzhen Sect took over as a younger brother, and Xu Fu, the leader, died in the end. Genius knows whether he is dead or not. We all guess that he may be the beginner. Which Xiuzhen Sect threw us all away. At that time, those children were so stupid that they went to Tianzhu Peak without a leader. All kinds of dangers made them practice all kinds of hard work.
However, although they are very powerful, they can’t climb the Tianzhu Peak. All kinds of dangers are constantly devouring their lives. At last, there are two men and two women left. At that time, they were over half a century old, and they could not climb the Tianzhu Peak. So they stopped to live and married to breed offspring, but the danger was not far away from them. The practitioners constantly harassed all kinds of wild animals and attacked them, so that they finally moved to this dairy forest 600 years ago. Although it was very dangerous. The danger, however, has also stopped those who have been pursuing the truth and the beasts of the outside world for 600 years. At the beginning, several small houses have become the present Ruhuacheng. At the beginning, a dozen people have become the present ten thousand residents. But we have inherited one thing from our predecessors, that is, we were born with great strength and poverty. This is also the reason why we were able to live here. We wanted to go to the mountains several times, but the people we sent never came back. Gradually, we gave up and gave birth to you. "White-haired duke asked with a smile.
"I didn’t meet you when I came, but I can guess that the trouble that the fix true person is looking for you may be because of your poor strength." Liao Jinghua smiled and said.
"Hey? how do you know It is indeed because of our terrible power that those who fix the truth don’t hum. I think their mind is too narrow. "The white-haired duke said with a cold hum."
"Because I met the same person who fixed the truth, I called this power of our body God manpower, which is a kind of power opposed to the person who fixed the truth." Liao Jinghua said that he immediately told them about Xue Lao’s grievances about the person who fixed the truth with God manpower and repeated them to the white-haired Lord, and then laughed. "In fact, it is ridiculous to fight for roots in this kind of power. It is still that people make power rather than strength, which can also be regarded as a kind of practice, but it is just a different way of practice. Alas, it is no wonder that I once met a man named Crazy Knife Gate. A man named Excalibur Sect, these two schools of repairing the truth, also fought to the death because of their different views on practice. It looks ridiculous. I have never thought about what is good for you to practice, and you and I practice our irrelevant things. "
"Ha ha, you are too simple. If there is no dispute of interest, who will fight? Maybe there is something to say in this, but this is not what you and I can think freely. Ha ha ha." The white-haired duke laughed.
"Maybe, I don’t want to blend in and think about how to get to the top of the mountain smoothly." Liao Jinghua followed and laughed.
"oh? Are you still going? " White-haired duke a frown and said
"Yes, I’ve come here. Where are you going to retreat? Want to go back? Or do you want to stay here? " Liao Jinghua asked, it is obvious that these people belong to his kind, and he makes the same kind of power emotionally close to many. As soon as this idea came out, Liao Jinghua suddenly realized that it is no wonder that the same person who fixes the truth has to fight hard. Does he have the same feelings? Imagine who the practitioners will help if they attack themselves one day. Obviously, it is to help these similar people, although they are all human beings, but the practice method has brought everyone closer, and it is natural to be farther away.
Looking at Liao Jinghua’s sudden expression that seems to be an epiphany, the white-haired Lord is also a little stunned and can’t help but ask carefully, "What did you think of?"
"Oh, nothing, nothing. I figured something out," Liao Jinghua said with a smile. "By the way, where are you going? See if I can help you. Anyway, I have been here for more than ten years and I don’t care about delaying a little more time. "
"We? The environment here is too cruel. If possible, we want to go home to Yunyang, which is our hometown. Although we were born here, the idea of going home has never been broken for generations. "The white-haired duke said firmly, but with the time, he smiled bitterly." I, the duke, have no roots, so I can’t take them away from here. I don’t know how many people can really go back if we walk home. "
"Now that I have chosen, even if one person goes back to the root, I will keep it," Liao Jinghua said, followed by one leng and hurriedly said, "I’m joking, but I will never dare to influence you." No, no, we have to thank you for your kindness. I’ll discuss it with these people. If they don’t want to leave me, they can’t force them to live a hard life. If we really want to set foot on the way home, will you help us? " Asked the white-haired Lord
"I’m sure I can, but I can’t help you for a while. At most, I can send you out of this forest of milk flowers. I think you know that mountains are not easy. I can’t keep sending you to the mountains to climb again. I really don’t have that much time. I’ve been here for more than ten years. I don’t know how long I slept in milk flowers, maybe twenty years." Liao Jinghua said.
"Founder" white-haired duke drinks a drink but there is no sound. Founder has been sitting in the corner and listening to Liao Jinghua’s wonderful line, which makes him a little fascinated by these disaster lives. He also knows that it is like going to ten layers of hell again since the duke’s mouth says it …, brain,. n
"Founder, what the fuck are you doing?" White-haired duke to Liao Jinghua apologetically smiled a run past kicked founder drink a way
"ah? Oh, oh, what is it, Lord? " Founder hurriedly asked
"You take care of your life and I’ll discuss with our people whether to leave here and return to my hometown. Alas, it’s not easy to get a boost." The duke sighed.
"Is" founder hurriedly should way.
"By the way, can I have an ungrateful invitation?" Some embarrassed to Liao Jinghua duke laughed
"Although the way to the duke" Liao Jinghua said politely.
"Well, I haven’t made a move for decades since I took the title of the first master of the clan, and I don’t know if it’s long or gone. It’s not good to fight with the clan on weekdays for fear of hurting them. I wonder if you can fight with me for two moves so that I can learn more?" The duke said politely that the tone was a great temptation.
Liao Jinghua smiled. Although the duke has tried his best to put the words into words, Liao Jinghua can still guess that the white-haired duke wants to try whether he has the strength to protect his people. Lin Ruo is halfway through the milk flower and then let these people take care of him. It would be a big joke and Liao Jinghua can’t afford to lose that face. When he is very happy, he agreed.
When Liao Jinghua nodded, his eyes got wide open, followed closely behind Liao Jinghua, and led him out. But when he just went out, he startled Liao Jinghua. I don’t know when the duke gathered outside this house, a large number of people, men and women, old and young, all stretched out their necks and looked at Liao Jinghua one by one. It would be a strange thing to think about it again if he just woke up and that big ao didn’t attract people.
"See what see what? What are you watching? Step back and make room for the duke to shine for you today. "The white-haired duke waved his arms and coaxed these people like chickens. These people are not afraid of the duke’s retreat."
"The duke founder that small sample can be your opponent? You can go easy and not hurt him. People haven’t found a wife yet. "I don’t know which old lady shouted and caused a burst of laughter.
"Who put this idle tasteless balls? Where will our founder be the head of the clan opponent? Who don’t hesitate to come? "Founder quit and shouted at the crowd, but it attracted more laughter.
"Founder, you also pull over." The white-haired duke ignored those who directly spoke to each other.
Founder is very obedient and retreats to compete with a master like the white-haired duke. If he is still in it, it is better to hide away early if he has nothing to find.
"Hey, Brother Founder, isn’t it you who is fighting the duke? Is it that guy?" A Han pulled a founder and said