"Blue, I must go back, even if I don’t care about myself. I must take a trip to Russia this time, even if I destroy the organization." Song Danfu turned and looked at her eyes. "Are you sure you want to go with me?"
She can’t hurt Gu Qingyi. Absolutely not.
Blue and white Song Danfu means that the organization grew up in a small place for her, but it is not for Danfu. Tell her that she is going back to ask Master for a permanent antidote. If Master doesn’t give it to Danfu and doesn’t mind fighting with Master, it will destroy the whole organization.
Daphne asked her if she was sure she wanted to go with her, not if you wanted to go with me.
The same question has different meanings.
"I’ll go wherever you go." Lan said the answer firmly without thinking about it. The organization was the place where she was raised, and it was worthless compared with Danfu.
Song Danfu held Lan tightly in the previous step. She wouldn’t say thank you. She and Lan don’t need such distant words to pour her thanks into the hug.
"Dan Fu, should we ask Gu Qing? He is a doctor. He can’t be unaware of his physical changes." Song Dan Fu thought about it and was very depressed. "He may not know that the poison is very strange. I told you that the Miao witchcraft was almost poisoned, and the body wouldn’t react. I didn’t know that I was poisonous if Master said it himself."
"But you’re still injured. Don’t say there are other agents here. Even if Master is the only one, the two of us may not be able to beat him."
Song Danfu instantly praised his face and sat back on the sofa.
Lan also sat down to comfort her and said, "Let’s go back together when you have healed the injury."
"Blue, am I very sexy?" Song Danfu looked at Blue and said, "Don’t lie to me, I want to hear the truth."
"You are really sexy," Blue nodded and agreed, "but there is no one who doesn’t have sex."
At noon, Gu Qingyi went back to the ward to have lunch with Song Danfu Lan. Song Danfu asked Lan to bring her spaghetti and looked at Gu Qingyi. He looked at Dan Lanqing with a spoiled face. Gu Qingyi didn’t stop her, which meant that she could bring spaghetti to Dan Fu when she came back.
Blue walked out of the ward and sat down beside Song Danfu with a big hand and held her in my arms.
"Hungry" He teased her about knowing that Daphne likes spaghetti.
"I’ve been greedy for a long time," Song Danfu admitted generously and immediately looked at him savagely. "I’m injured. Do you think I’m not pleasing to the eye?"
"No" Gu Qing shallow a face of puzzling.
"No."Song Danfu raised her hand and grabbed Gu Qing’s shallow collar. "Without you, Sean sent me food, either porridge or chicken soup, and I almost threw up."
Said the Song Danfu also made a abandon expression.
Gu Qingyi stole a kiss from her pouting mouth. Song Danfu glared at him angrily. He smiled and said, "It was Sean who decided to send you food. I didn’t specify what to send him."
Sean is always with him. He is a doctor. After diagnosing patients, he sometimes tells them that they can eat some light food. Sean will remember it and send it to Daphne according to the order.
This is an own goal, but Gu Qingyi doesn’t intend to point it out.
"It’s not what you mean." Song Danfu still doesn’t believe him. Make sure you’re right again.
"No" Gu Qing shallow affirmative answer.
Song Danfu gnashed her teeth with satisfaction and said, "I can’t spare Sean."
"Well, when we get back to America, you can do whatever you want with him." Gu Qingyi naturally sold Sean. "I can even tell you who Sean’s nemesis is."
"When are we going to America?" Song Danfu asked her. She didn’t care who Sean’s nemesis was. She cared how she got to America.
"Things have been handled here and I should go back to the United States." Gu Qingyi gave the most direct and powerful explanation.
Song Danfu thought that she was going to Russia, not the United States, and she was puzzled about how to talk to Gu Qing so as not to arouse his suspicion.
"What’s the matter?" Seeing that she hesitated, she said, "Danfu, we are husband and wife and the closest relatives in the world. What can’t you tell me?"
Gu Qing is shallow and very refined. Song Danfu is afraid of him watching.
Danfu was afraid that he would see something and blurt out, "Do you know Miss Xie Gu?"
Gu Qing shallow immediately even thought that Song Danfu must have checked that matter, and she would never eat Yabakui for Danfu’s personality. Even if she did, she would definitely find out.
"Know" Gu Qing shallow answer raised Song Danfu’s face and said seriously, "Did Dan Fu’s incident have no serious consequences?"
"You really know" Song Danfu is a little unhappy, so he can let Sean go to the investigation. The results are all the same. Song Danfu pushed him up and looked down at him sitting on the sofa. "You didn’t tell me anything."
"I can’t do anything to tell you." Gu Qing shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe I can catch Miss Xie Gu and ask her or let you beat her up."
"I" Song Danfu was speechless and could not admit that Gu Qing was telling the truth.
Blue if she didn’t tell her all the ins and outs of Xie Gu, she might really beat up Miss Xie Gu, but she didn’t want to provoke her knowing that Xie Gu was a man of destiny.
Song Danfu suddenly rejoiced that "it’s a good thing that the assassination of your Xie Gu didn’t let the big lady shoot, otherwise you wouldn’t be dead."
"How do I listen to this is a little schadenfreude?" Gu Qing shallow deliberately screwed up his brow.
"No, no" Song Danfu shook his hand and quickly clarified "You understand the mistake"
Even if it’s a little schadenfreude, she’s stupid enough to admit that he’s so abnormal. If she comes to punish her again, does she have a life?
"Danfu, listen to me, don’t mess with Xie Gu’s girl." Gu Qingqian didn’t care about her seriously and told her, "Xie Gu’s other people are not terrible, but that girl doesn’t mess with Miao witchcraft. Although there are not many Chinese and foreign inheritors, it’s not without some things in Ming Men. The scientific law explains that we shouldn’t touch them."
"I’m a little unwilling in my heart for nothing." Song Danfu lowered her eyes and decided not to provoke her earlier.
Gu Qing shallow stretched out his hand and held her soft ti gently. Song Danfu sat down unsteadily in his legs, his arms tightly wrapped around her waist and buried her hair. "Look, we also have a share. Don’t care about her."
Enjoy Song Danfu’s memory of the inevitable pain. When she woke up the next day, her body was sore and uncomfortable. Finally, she jumped out of the window and walked away. She suddenly calmed down and broke her waist, and her big hand slipped from his leg.
"Enjoy having you." Song Danfu has a pretty face.
Gu Qingyi recognized that she got in her voice and quickly begged for mercy. "I was wrong. Don’t think too much about what I said."
"I have thought too much." Song Danfu deliberately refused to accept his apology with a straight face. "It’s too late to admit his mistake."
"Well, I’ll make you a request." Purple eyes spoil and look at her, and everything is easy to discuss.
"Anything can be required" Song Danfu did not trust to confirm.
"Anything is required" Gu Qing nodded with a smile and added to my heart that I felt reasonable.
"Well, I’m going to travel with Lan for a few days, and I’ll forgive you if you don’t follow me." Song Danfu took the opportunity to say that she didn’t expect a good excuse to leave Gu Qing shallow, and now she is automatically given a reasonable excuse.
"This request is unreasonable. Change it." Gu Qing’s shallow regret is quite natural.
"What?" Song Danfu was unhappy. What’s wrong with his request? He broke his word and kept his promise.
"You and Lan will not let me be jealous with me" Gu Qing mumbled shallowly.
He also said that it was so natural that Song Danfu smiled and asked, "Excuse me, Mr. Gu Qingyan, how old are you this year?"
"Twenty-six over twenty-seven" Gu Qing said proudly.