When you close your eyes and open them again, you are a little more tough. "Officer Gu, why can’t I understand what you are saying?"
The last trick is a dead duck’s mouth shut. He won’t say or admit it, and there’s nothing they can do about him!
Seems to have expected Muming rubbed his forehead curved eyes "shaw bureau people don’t say dark words true, true will one day be the truth, isn’t it? If you don’t understand now, you will understand in the future. "
Xiao Qiang’s pendulum is to continue to pretend to be "dumb". Now he will definitely not say anything worse. Now there is no evidence to make a more statutory crime. Everything is suspicion and speculation. Even if he is confirmed to have a case, he can’t arrest people.
Besides, the mastermind behind the scenes hasn’t come out yet, so we can’t move now. We must take our time. The enemy is in the dark. I’m proving that the enemy is in the wind and they are the wind! No one can predict how the enemy will move.
"Xiao Bureau, you are under surveillance from now on!" Mu Ming dumped this sentence. Xiao Qiang’s face was gray and he couldn’t see clearly what he was thinking. Look clearly, his fingers were clenched and his face was stiff.
"Officer Mu, I don’t think it’s necessary …" Xiao Qiang smiled and his eyes trembled. "I didn’t do anything. I’m sorry. Xiang Zhen can’t treat me like a prisoner. I have a pen and paper, so you suspect that I’m unscientific!"
"Besides paper and pen, you have enough to commit a crime, and you don’t have an alibi." Muming’s tone is like a breeze, but it contains a little broken ice. "And Xiao Bureau, I mean surveillance, but I didn’t say you committed a crime."
Xiao Qiang was shaking slightly. She said it was better than singing, but there was only one meaning left. He couldn’t get rid of suspicion!
"Li Yuan will give it to you until he solves the case. No mistakes are allowed!" Her tone was indifferent and her eyes swept lightly to Li Yuan. "If you stare at him all the time, we can’t afford it."
Li Yuan, who was named, turned into a green vegetable. He still wanted to investigate the case with them, but now it is absolutely impossible for him to look at people and investigate the case. Can he say no in front of them? If you say it, you want to get stabbed in the eye
"I will be a good worker!" He didn’t want Mu Ming to know his mood but didn’t say much.
Xiao Qiang squinted at her. He never thought that he would fall down on these two young people and couldn’t get up at once! He fell into the pit of ten thousand years and was still muddy, which completely bound his hands and feet and made him unable to move.
This is too underestimating the enemy, but this writing method is not what he wants. Is it that "that person" deliberately yin him? Deliberately pushed him out as a shield? "That man" Cong should have thought of this result long ago … I figured out that Xiao Qiang’s blood was surging and churning. "That man" is too vicious! Knowing that I was afraid the situation was dangerous, I pushed him out. No wonder he was so comfortable last night. It turned out that he had long thought about giving up. He thought about it and didn’t play well with the abacus! Xiao Qiang almost bit the bloody smell of the teeth, oozing from the gums, moving his lips and spitting on the ground. If I had known today would be like this, he should have bitten "that man" to death yesterday without any residue left.
But now it’s a foregone conclusion that it’s too late to say anything. Xiao Qiang took a deep look at Muming and Gu Jingke and walked to the police station automatically in an instant. Now they have been monitored and inconvenient. He expects these two people to catch "the man" as soon as possible.
So that he can swallow this breath or he will be angry alive.
Li Yuan followed Xiao Qiang every step as he was told. He earned money, and he stopped. He didn’t say a word to refute it, but he was humbled and let him stare at people. It was simply overqualified. He should go to investigate the case.
But in my heart, it’s not relaxing. If Xiao Qiang tries his best to escape, he can’t even sleep and stare.
Walking on the stone steps, Xiao Qiang suddenly stopped and scared Li Yuan to pose immediately to prevent one thousand Xiao Qiang from looking at Li Yuan and touching his belly at the stone steps. "There are people under surveillance and I need to eat."
He made it clear that there is no evidence to convict him, and surveillance does not mean that he should eat and drink as usual if he commits a crime, and he will not escape if he kills him. Where can he escape to "that man"?
I’m afraid I’ll die as soon as I get there, and now he’s the scapegoat. If I flee there, I’m afraid there’s a dead end. "That man" is just waiting for him to sharpen his knife and wait for him. He’s not that stupid.
If you escape from Xiang Town to the outside, it is impossible not to say how far it is. Don’t catch it if you are afraid that you haven’t gone far or just left Xiang Town. If you want to know this clearly, Xiao Qiang might as well relax and escape as stay in the police station and eat and drink.
When Xiao Qiang disappears completely, Gu Jingke looks at Er Pang and then points to the bamboo basket "to give it to him".
Erpang immediately laughed at the bamboo basket and the corners of his mouth. The bamboo basket was full of cold steamed buns and bags, and they were all leftovers. Although they were not bitten by words, he couldn’t help but want to laugh at the thought of receiving Xiao Qiang’s purple face.
Want to know where Xiao Qiang has been so wronged? Usually, he keeps a special copy for him to send now … Xiao Qiang is sitting in a chair and watching Er Pang come in with a bamboo basket so quickly. His face turns black so quickly. What can leftovers be unless he goes home by plane? It’s not so fast!
He just sat down on his front foot, but this second fat boy came with a basket, and Sun Monkey had seventy-two changes, but this second fat boy didn’t.
Two fat specially put the basket in front of Xiao Qiang’s desk and kindly lift the cloth towel on the basket surface slowly to present a treasure. "Xiao Bureau, although it’s cold, it didn’t turn sour early, so you can make do with it. If you choke, remember to drink water."
One morning, in the middle of the night, the sound of fish breaking outside the code word door sounded like crying and windy … People have three urgent fish, and the sound of going to the toilet is no exception. When I came out of the toilet, the sound suddenly increased and I was shocked … The failure was … The neighbor was putting some water and I cried!
Section 51
☆ 15 tails check a person one after another.
Seeing Xiao Qiang’s face turn from green to red and fat, he realized that the prelude to anger was quickly added, "Two police officers said that you can’t wave food and Xiao Bureau should enjoy it slowly."
Two fat in can’t wave food with emphasis on sound gas Xiao Qiang gnashing her teeth but can’t send Li Yuan watching held back a smile but finally didn’t hold back a "poof" holding a belly laugh.
Two fat just prepared the basket to earn and thought that the horse would integrate the three bowls of things in the desk into one bowl at noon, and put the two bowls back in the basket in his arms. Look at Xiao Qiang one leng one leng.
It’s like a tiger falling in Pingyang and being bullied by a dog, a phoenix in distress is worse than a chicken, and a dragon can’t hold down the umbrella. Looking at the food in the bowl in front of me, then looking at Erpang’s chubby figure and listening to Li Yuan’s unscrupulous smile. Xiao Qiang’s heart is depressed to death, which is simply a crazy rhythm.
He was humbled, but Li Yuan and his heart were happy. Before the flowers were spent, they were not less yelled at by Xiao Qiang. Because he was the director and the benefactor of Xiang Town, both of them turned a blind eye and endured it. Now they are sulking. It’s so cool!
Although I don’t know how Muming and Gu Jingke are suddenly so strict with Xiao Bureau, his elm head can also come up with a thing to stay in the office every day before Xiao Bureau mysteriously.
But when the two police officers came, he asked them every day about the progress of the case. Now I’m afraid there is a conspiracy.
Erpang walked to the steps and just heard the village chief’s harsh words and harsh words asking, "Are there really problems with the two police officers Xiao Qiang?"
Most village heads remain silent when inferring, especially when Xiao Qiangshen is involved in the end. He hardly says a word and doesn’t even ask questions, but he is anxious, surprised and angry, and afraid … Now, although the tone of questioning is harsh and harsh, it can show a tone of uncertainty, or he doesn’t want to believe that Xiao Qiang and Xiang Town have a case, and the figurine house is a big fish!
After all, the benefactor turned into an enemy in the past, and no one can accept this blow. For a simple old man, it is not a heavyweight. The village head is old and trusting, and he doesn’t want to believe that that person is a bad person.
I finally gave a letter to Xiao Qiang, a foreigner, and now I’m telling you that all this is a disguise. It’s a bolt from the blue for the village chief and the whole town people to make people believe the facts.
How can people trust a pure foreigner after this? Now it seems that there are too many people behind the scenes. Now the village head is the kind of person who would rather not believe that Xiao Qiang would be like this. He would rather not tell the difference between self-deception and self-deception
Self-deception can also be debunked by people. The village head stands on crutches, and a few people are old to play, but it’s silly to be played like this when people are young and not old!
Gu Jingke felt the emotional changes of the village chief, and then saw his fingers slightly wrinkled with crutches.
The village head pays too much letter, and it’s hard to bear the blow in the face of layers of truth, but you can’t escape it like this!
"Xiao Qiang does have a problem, but you can’t see it from other people’s life and the wind." Gu Jingke squinting at the village head’s every move was afraid that he would be impatient and do something out of line. "He was first watched by us … Don’t be too hasty."