"In addition to following us, you still want to live in my house? You are so shameless! "
Zhou Qian’s words are full of thorns. How many people can stand it?
Except Muhai.
I’m used to seeing Zhou Qian when I don’t say anything.
Just saying that Muhai now has a thousand-year-old mind, this kind of stimulation can’t make any waves for him.
Tang Yu aside also don’t say a word embarrassed than.
Look at that, it obviously recognizes Zhou Qian’s words.
Just then, an old man walked out of the villa in front, and Muhai smiled and waved to them.
This old man is none other than Mu Hai, who just made friends with Grandpa Shi Cheng at noon.
"Grandpa Shi …"
Without waiting for Muhai’s reaction, Zhou Qianfei quickly ran to Shi Cheng and took Shi Cheng’s arm and raised his head proudly.
"grandpa Shi"
Tang Yu also went over to say hello to Shi Cheng.
Two people hold Shi Cheng left and right, just like two granddaughters.
"Good" Shi Cheng is really happy today. "Xiaoyu Xiaoxi made a lot of delicious food today. Why don’t you stay for dinner?"
"Grandpa Haoshi!" Two people promised at the same time.
Zhou Qian two people hold Shi Cheng and walked into the house.
Shi Cheng can’t struggle so hard and give Muhai a look back to signal him to come in quickly.
"Xiaoxi, today, your aunt Yun made lobster sauce and catfish. You can have a good time!" Shi Cheng said
"Really? Great. Thanks for Grandpa Shi, "Zhou Qian said.
"If you don’t thank me, thank my grandson. If he hadn’t come, he wouldn’t have cooked so many dishes!" Shi Cheng said
"Don’t worry, Grandpa Shi will thank you later," Zhou Qian said.
Three people soon went to the hall and came to the table.
Six steaming dishes are just on the table.
Zhou Qian ran over and sniffed out a face of intoxicated expression.
"It smells good. Aunt Yun is cooking more and more fragrant." Zhou Qian said.
"Xiaoxi is here!"
I saw a middle-aged woman walking in the kitchen, dressed neatly and in excellent shape, and her face was very uncoordinated.
It looks like a face of twenty years old and forty years old.
"Grandpa Shi is so hungry, please call your grandson out quickly!" Zhou Qian finished not looking around.
Turn around and look at Zhou Qian got a fright.
I don’t know when Muhai followed in and put all the salutes in the hall.
Do you really feel at home here?
At the sight of this scene, Zhou Qian was furious.
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Chapter 11 It’s embarrassing
"Who let you in?"
Zhou Qian a face of anger quickly walked to the front of MuHai big drink a way
This made everyone in the place stunned.
Shi Cheng finished Meng wait for a while looked at Zhou Qian and showed no color.
Tang Yu turned to see Muhai and then froze.
Muhai looked at each other and went back to grandpa’s house. Why did you scold me?
The host didn’t speak. What’s the matter with a guest yelling so much?
"I’m going home," Muhai said.
Hearing this, Zhou Qian’s heart hitched and frowned slightly.
"Is this Grandpa Shi’s house with you?"
Zhou Qianyin is much smaller.
An idea has been flooding her mind. It’s not going to be grandpa Shi, is it?
Is that impossible? Never heard of it.
Grandpa Qian Shi has a granddaughter and a surname Mu and a surname Shi is definitely not absolutely not!
"Xiaoxi, he is Sun-Xiaohai, whom I told you about. It seems that you know each other, so I won’t introduce you, right?"
This is like a bolt from the blue, which makes Zhou Qian stand there for a long time without returning to absolute being.
The face is flushed and soon the ears are red.